Godmother Mummy

Mummy is mighty pleased with herself to have been given godmother status for Marley John.

She already has two godsons, one goddaughter and now she has a god dog!!!

He’s the same size as George, though the total opposite of our little black dog.
His eyes are bigger and rounder than George’sIMG_2095He has a bigger noseIMG_2096But my! IMG_2109What a long tongue you have!IMG_2097Better to lick you with, he says.

He had a haircut since, a bit of tidying up.

Marley John has also been castrated as well. So now he will leave Georgie in peace.

May’s comment: We haven’t seen Marley John yet since we got home.  But have heard he has settled in and being loved. Will have a rendezvous tonight.

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