What if the bridge starts falling down?

I don’t like walking across bridges, Mummy. I can tell there’s a lot of water underneath it – and you know I don’t like bodies of H2O.img_9375I am not going to go any further … img_9380I am definitely putting on all four brakes.

No, I don’t want to look through the potholes eitherimg_9390 Why must I? img_9391I told you there’s a lot of water underneath us.img_9387What if the bridge falls down?

It won’t? Why do they sing about “London bridge is falling down”?  They said it’s a London Bridge – and this maybe called Albert Bridge but it is still in London.img_9394Can we just keep going?  Let’s hurry.

Once over, I sense that this is a familiar place. img_9341Oh yes, this is where Jaffa and I would go for our walks with Olivia.  But alas, we’re not going to Battersea Park.
Mummy’s checking out THREE dog-friendly places south of the river! Seriously?

May’s comment:  Little guy, big personality – but scared of many things still.  He hesitates when there’s a change of surface area. He’s afraid of loud noises. He’s afraid of moving vehicles … little guy in a big world. We’ll get over all these things, Georgie, one by one.

I always said that one day, I would love to walk across all the bridges on the River Thames.  We keep crossing just the Battersea Bridge and the Albert Bridge. We’ve walked across the Millennium Bridge but have still to tackle a few more. Well, I guess it won’t be with George.

More about the dog-friendly places south of the river later …


  1. Claire

    Poor little Georgie! He’s very lucky to have Miss Darcy and you May to protect him!

  2. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    I’m with George. .I’ve always had a fear of bridges for exactly the same reason all that water beneath but at the grand old age of 71 I’m gradually conquering my fears and have walked the Millennium bridge,Hungerford bridge,Westminster Bridge and Blackfriers as well as Tower Bridge and of course London bridge….and bravely stood and took photos with my granddaughter. The one I really dislike though is driving over the Dartford crossing I always try to pick one of the two middle lanes hate being on the inside or outside edge….xx 🤔😉

  3. SamanthaR and Lola (Cockapoo)

    Poor George – but this made me smile; there was a time when Lola was a puppy, she too was very unsure of water, but since she started going out with a dog walker, the other dogs have introduced her to the fun of splashing in water and now, she is straight in given half a chance! Funniest moment was when she didn’t realise the path ended and the edge of the water began. Poor little thing – and yes, it was caught on film to remind us! (she was fine btw!)

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