Good Grief!

Every dog needs a Woodstock, so Mum got George a stuffed one.

George really is my Woodstock. LOL!

Mum had bought that at the exhibit – Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

We were at Somerset House for a meeting (tomorrow’s post) and Mum had really wanted to see the exhibit. She did ask if we could possibly go inside but alas, sadly no.

Mum left us with Emily who took us to her office while she ran through the exhibition.

This was as close to Charlie Brown and Snoopy as we could get.

We stopped at renamed “Warm Puppy Cafe”, normally known as Hej Coffee for some lunch. Mum found some Snoopy biscuits – and she had to ask if they were for her or us. And the answer …

For hoomans! 🙁

May’s comment: Need therapy – can’t understand why an exhibit about a dog called Snoopy but no dogs allowed – 🙁

Yup! That’s how I felt.
Grew up reading all the Peanuts comics …
a bit nostalgic.
Sounds like a good idea

Most of Somerset House is dog friendly – they are welcomed at the three cafes: Hej Coffee, Fernandez and Wells and Pennethorne’s.

We had a meeting at Pennethorne’s

They are allowed in the bar area of Bryn Williams – haven’t checked with the others. Apparently dogs are allowed in the office spaces. But obviously not in any of the exhibition places. No one could tell me why … just not allowed.


  1. Freddie

    What a shame Miss D couldn’t go in

  2. Lola and Sam

    Good grief – do t they know who you are??

  3. Cheryl

    Silly humans!

  4. Martine and Rusty Davis

    Snoopy is my first dog love ♥️ I loved going to this exhibit it was a trip down memory lane. Bought way too many toys 😂

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