Goodnight Sun!

As the days get longer we were able to go for another walk on the beach after supper – before it got dark.
We had not realise that we could see the sun set from there!  IMG_7016_2How fabulous that we were able to say “goodnight” to the sunIMG_7047Thank you for such a beautiful day!” says GeorgieIMG_7037Yes, thank you, Mr. Sun – you kept us warm and you made a lot of people happy. Us – included!IMG_7012_2Till tomorrow!

And we had the whole beach to ourselves.

May’s comment: A beautiful end to a spectacular day!

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a sunset – you don’t see them going down the horizon in a city unless you live in a skyscraper like we did in NYC – we had sunsets every evening.

A friend Sarah, who is currently in Santorini wrote and reminded me of those amazing sunsets there – every evening was a spectacular display.  I was feeling a bit melancholy thinking about those beautiful days … when lo and behold, unexpectedly, we had our own.

I think this is the first sunset I’ve shared with George. The first for all three of us together.IMG_7070

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  1. Julia

    Lovely photos. I think I need a trip there with Harry. He’s never been to the beach!!

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