“Un Gorille” in our midst

We have two more days in Provence and one of the most important thing we must do is to have our de-worming taken care of before embarking on our journey home.  So to Tati’s vet (Clinique des Chênes) we go.We weighed in to see if all the French food had made us fat but not. We’re good!  I’m weighing in at 9.10kg.IMG_2952 And Georgie gained .05 kg since last weighing in. Mummy thought he felt heavier – but all’s good. He’s going in the right direction.IMG_2954 I was first on the table with Dr. Crepet.IMG_2962 And he pushed the pill down my throat – after I tried to regurgitate it the first time around.IMG_2967 Then it was George’s turn. Because he is so small, Dr. Crepet had to give it to him in two goes. The first one went down quickly. Knowing better the second time around, he would not open his mouth!

My, what big fangs you have, dinky Georgie!  OR are you really a gorilla?!?!?!IMG_2975 After a bit of a struggle, Dr. Crepet said to him, while tickling his muzzle to calm him down, “Je te caresse ton museau mais bientôt ton comprimé doit bien arriver au but!” IMG_2977meaning, “I am stroking your muzzle now but your pill will soon be arriving in the goal.”

After all that, he gave us treats and we’re friends again.  But I had to check what he was writing about us English dawgs!IMG_2978 Really? Is that what you think of us English dogs, well, ok, one is Hungarian.IMG_2979Well he’s ok. I rather like him.
IMG_2980 May’s comment: We’re all set to go home. Passports have been updated. Well, that came rather quickly!

At the vet – the same ol’ usual stuff at every vet in the Western world.IMG_2955

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