Got those sniffers going!

As if I needed any more practice! LOL!

We got a rainbow coloured SnuffleMat when we went to The Big Tick Project presentation last week. Curious what this very colourful mat was, we couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

Oooh! We smell treats! And immediately we dove into it – our instincts told us what to do – foraging …

And then, it became complicated. Mummy was using the SnuffleMat to teach me discipline, patience – in other words, tortured me!!!

She had me sitting next to George as he was foraging and I wasn’t allowed to until she said I could!!! Hmmm. This is suppose to help stimulate my senses and exercise my sniffer! Not fair why George gets to do it every time.

May’s comment: As if Darcy needed more practice in sniffing – she’s the Sniffing Queen! She needs no encouragement!

Here she shows her determination to find the smallest of treat that might be lodged in between – somewhere between all the fleece! But it was good to teach her to wait.

But what is amazing about this video is how far we’ve come with George. In the early days soon after George came to live with us, he would be aggressive to Darcy if she came near him if there was food involved, or affection – he associated humans with food. That was his survival instinct – and we had some training and today he is actually better at waiting for his turn with food than Darcy – who would start nosing her way closer.

SnuffleMats (R) helps to stimulate foraging instincts. Foraging for treats is tiring work, requiring focus and concentration, which can calm and excitable puppy to redirect a dog’s attention. SnuffleMats (R) provide safe mental stimulation for dogs on restricted exercise, seniors, and those with sensory impairment such as blindness or deafness. Ten minutes snuffling is equivalent to a longer walk, and your dogs kibble can be fed from the SnuffleMat.

Thank you The Great Tick Project for our gift. We must tell you more about this Great Tick and Flea Project soon!


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    That is such a great idea! Both of them seemed to do a good job! Lol

  2. Cheryl

    What a great idea! I need to see if they, or something like them, are available stateside!

    • SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

      Hi Cheryl, if you can’t find one, I made one and it was pretty easy! I used a door mat/draining mat with quite big holes, cut felt into strips and then tied them in – quite theraputic really…. sadly, Lola wasn’t really that interested, but we had fun trying!!

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