Today in America, many families come together, gathering around a table of feasting to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the UK, Mummy always liked the idea of setting aside a day to collectively give thanks for all the things and people in our lives.

As we look back over the months past, though it’s still five weeks away till the end of 2017 – it has been an eventful year.

Who would have guessed that after a reflective start on New Year’s day on a beach in Cornwall – That the year would gather such momentum when we became embroiled in Churchill’s welfare.  Our lives were consumed by his “unkosher” and tricky situation – so unexpectedly, Mummy and so many people fell in love with this little guy with dancer’s feet …You all know about his story and we had the great pleasure and honour in being a part of his life.  Today, we are thankful for – the wonderful hoomans who helped Winston to get on with his life (Joanna, Dawid) and his new owners (Rabin and Mel) who gave him a forever home, and especially his new found brother, Theo. They have been inseparable from the moment they met.  As much as Mummy wished we could have kept him, we now know he is in the best forever home imaginable!

We are always thankful for all our friends …who came every month from their busy lives to so we pooches can meet up, chase each other around and exchange news on what had happened since the last time we all met.  And I think the hoomans too always had a lot to talk about.

On days when Mummy wondered why she spends so much time writing my blog, she was always encouraged when we meet our blog readers who came from around the world to say hello –Peg from Canada Pam and Pete from Australia re-visitedTeresa and Jeanne from the U.S. (Miami and NYC).

We are so thankful for everyone of you who cared to read about our adventures.

And as for being named the #2 best UK Pet Blog for 2017 by Vuelio – we have been humbled.  Thank you.  

We are merely a blog about a cockapoo (and a mutt), and how we, dogs and Mummy learnt to live with each other and living together in the hooman world.

So we continue to be grateful that more and more hoomans allow us to be a part of their lives – which allows us to experience and share them with you.
So you too can enjoy being with your pooches and they be a part of your daily life.

We like how crazy Mummy loves travelling with us.  This year George got to see New York (and D.C. and Philadelphia) – and along the way, meeting so many of our Facebook and blog friendsWhile I got to  travel during the summer with Little Tyke and Mini Tyke to Bruge and AmsterdamAlong with all of life’s blessings, we have also wept – many a time this year.  We have lost friends both hoomans and pooches alike. Though it had been difficult to say goodbye to them, we also give thanks for their lives because each of them made a difference in this world.

Our friends, Jake and his daddy passed away late last year but we didn’t know about their passing till the new year came along.And we lost one of our steadfast members of the Hyde Park Doodle Friends – Fenton, who loved Lucca like one of his hooman boys. Sadly, he left us in October.And my brother Milo crossed the Rainbow BridgeI miss you, Milo – we began life together on this earth – and for now I will journey on with Mummy and George, but you will always be a part of me.We are thankful for these lives that we have crossed paths with.

Then in the midst of everything, to find a new love, my Barnaby!And most of all, we are thankful for our families – Mummy, George and even Jaffa – whom we see almost everyday and so much a part of our lives. Love you, Jaffa!As our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving, we will join you today to remember to be grateful for all that we have, all those who have touched us with their lives and to give thanks for what is to come.

Happy Thanksgiving.

May’s comment: It was on Monday when I went to a funeral and one of the readings was a quote by Winston Churchill –

Let us be contented with what has happened and be thankful for all that we have been spared.  Let us accept the natural order of things in which we move. Let us reconcile ourselves to the mysterious rhythm of our destinies, such as they must be in this world of space and time.  Let us treasure our joys but not bewail our sorrows.  The glory of light cannot exist without its shadows. Life is a whole, and good and ill must be accepted together.  The journey had been enjoyable and well worth making.


  1. Kit Lam


  2. Nancy Koon

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. I’m getting teary….Happy Thanksgiving to you three and much good health and happiness to us all.

    Hugs and wet sloppy dog kisses!!

    Nancy and Kitties in Los Angeles

  3. Sheila

    Thank you for your writings, love to read about what you three are up to! I am thankful for you here in Florida!

  4. Cheryl

    Thank you for your blog. I always enjoy reading about your adventures, your take on dog friendly restaurants, (I don’t have a dog with me when I visit London, but it’s still nice to know about good restaurants!) and just your life in general.
    I still think you need to write a book based on all your blog entries!
    Enjoy the holidays and your trip to Norway!

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Cheryl, the next time you’re in London and you do frequent those wonderful dog-friendly restaurants, do tell them how grateful you are for their kind understanding. And coming from a “tourist” – it would impact them more! xxx

  5. Cecilia

    This is the saddest thanksgiving without our dear Molly, our sweet yellow lab crossed the rainbow bridge last week due to terminal heart tumor! It hurts so much to loose her, I feel such a tremendous void in my life! But I’m grateful that we get to know and love her! My 2 boys wanted a dog so we adopted her 9 years ago when she was a puppy, this happened so sudden and unexpectedly, how I wish she could be with us this Thanksgiving and many many more!

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Cecilia, we are so sorry to hear of Molly’s passing. We cannot imagine the vast gaping hole in your heart. If we can bandage it up for you, we would – with lots of loving hugs. She will always be in there – in your heart – forever, physically gone but never forgotten. For today, and everyday, just think of how lucky you have been to have her in your life and for all the memories she had given to your boys. Hold on tight and love – its a wonderful thing to have loved so much! Big hugs, xxx

  6. gill cannon scott

    Although we do not live in London we love reading your blog,we live in Suffolk with Tetley our cockapoo and finding many places in Suffolk that allow our wonderful companion to join us for breakfast lunch or tea . Thank you for such a fantastic blog. Gil, issy and Tetley xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Gill, thank you so much for your kind words. We shall all move forward to the day when people will recognise that our dogs have emotions, a soul and a place in our hearts. xxx

  7. Rusty and Martine

    Lovely bog and we look forward to celebrating with you later x

  8. Elaine Craigen

    My mum and I love reading your blog and hearing about all your amazing adventures. Darcy and George have a fantastic human mummy! Happy Thanksgiving!xx🐾🐶

  9. Jill Keiser

    Thanks for your daily blogs of useful, entertaining, and amazing blogs! My dogs and I look forward to reading them daily! It is the high point of the day!

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