Guess who I am?

Today is World Book Day and the little hoomans are dressing up as their favourite literature character. So thought we would join in.

And this is my hooman BFF, Little Tyke – and guess who he is!unnamed-130We like copying each other! 🙂

Look, I even have a wand!IMG_3673Oops! My glasses are sliding down.

And George, he wanted to be Dick Tracy – I guess comic books is a form of literature. 😉IMG_3737-580x580

May’s comment: Forget about Super Heroes. Little Sasha has moved on onto Harry Potter!  That was what he wanted to be for World Book Day (in Ko Samui!)

I never get Batman, Superman, Ironman. Harry Potter, yes!!!


  1. Sarah

    OK Darcy cockapoo, so of course you have read ALL the books?

  2. Neyra

    Fantastic picture of Miss Darcy! Georgie looks smart in his hat too.

  3. Liz

    Miss D you are so cute, and very tolerant! Elsie would be rolling around trying to get the cloak off!!

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