Half a dozen litter of new cousins!

Way over in Kuching, East Malaysia we have new relatives. 

Our Aunty’s dogs gave birth to a litter of pups.

Here’s Dad, MiloAfter all the dogs they had eventually died from old age, he came into the family.

Here’s Mum, Friday.Because they found her on a Friday night, outside their gate, cold and starving. She must have known that the hoomans behind those gates like dogs. Thank goodness, they found her and brought her into their home.

Once she was better and healthy again, well, Milo and Friday got into some hanky panky business and voila! Friday became a mum on 11 May. They now have six puppies – four boys and a girl! And here they are

Domino, a girlBecause she has one eye patchPrincess (girl)
Because she just is!Rover (boy) – Because he reminded them of their old dog Rover.Chewbacca (boy)Because he looks like Chewbacca!Canary (girl) –Because the black patch across her face reminded them of the Black Canary in the TV series Arrows.Muppet (girl) –Because she’s the smallestP.s. I think Mummy likes Muppet the best! LOL!

Now, can you distinguish them?I think it is (L-R) : Canary, Muppet, Chewbacca, Domino, Rover, Princess ?????

Well, our family has expanded!  We’ll never get to meet our cousins but glad to know they’re in a good home all the way back

May’s comment: My sisters and I grew up wanting a dog but it was notpractical. We lived in a flat in the city. And by the time we moved to a house, I had left Malaysia and on my journey … leaving behind the wish for a dog, in pursuit of other things.

My younger sister did have a dog when the family moved into a house, and named him Timmy after the Famous Five.  When she moved to the States and after settling into a more regular routine, they got Molly, a King Charles Cavalier. I’ve met her and so has George!My older sister got married and moved to Kuching (Malaysia) and as soon as she settled, they had dogs. Quite a few of them in fact. But they live outside in a large fenced in area just for them. But there were always stray dogs and we would see them wandering. When all their dogs eventually passed on, it looks like they are starting again. 🙂

So many, many years later, we all got our dog(s)! 🙂








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  1. Jill Keiser

    Those puppies are the cutest!

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