My hooman BFF turned six!

He used to be able to say how old he was on one hand IMG_0909-2That was last August.

Today he needed both hands! 🙂IMG_4088With some attitudeIMG_4056Goodness! IMG_4052The sign of things to come!  When once upon a time, we were both on all fours. DSC02204But by the second year, he was on two legs IMG_4558and since then he has surpassed me in height. IMG_3333And he will continue to grow while I remain on all fours, though I can stand on my two hind legs.

Happy SIXTH birthday, my BFF, Little Tyke!IMG_4243Thank you for inviting us to your party and I sure like the look of your Harry Potter themed cake!IMG_4082 (1)Mummy said it was absolutely delicious but we didn’t get any!

May’s comment:  Celebrating another birthday together.

With each passing year, Sasha becomes more of a little chap. I’ve had the privilege to watch him grow – even though most of the time from afar. He has changed from a very cute happy chubby toddler to a lean, mean little chap taking on the world as he wants to be one of the big boys. IMG_4071 (1)Soon he will be too busy for Aunty May – so at times when he is annoying me, I remind myself that all too soon I might not have the chance to get annoyed at him.

In a few months, Darcy will follow suit and be six.  It’s a little different somehow with a dog’s birthday. I couldn’t wait for her crazy, kooky puppy phase to pass. Well, it did when she turned two. She lost her puppy ways and soon became opinionated and always have the last word when I tell her off. She still follows me around but has become rather aloof – almost as if she pretends to be independent but she really still does need me. She developed prejudices (against big dogs) – oy vey!  Of late, I always feel a little sad when her birthday approaches.  So I stop celebrating her being another year older.  Instead, I celebrate her being who she is – one very beautiful, sophisticated furry lady who has been my best companion in the last five and a half years.IMG_3116



  1. Jill Keiser

    That is one good looking cake! Happy Birthday Little Tyke!

  2. Alison Mullett

    Happy birthday Little Tyke, I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends!

  3. Bob

    What a fantastic and extraordinary cake! I’m sure
    Little Tyke really enjoyed it.

  4. Margaret Danks

    Happy birthday little tyke. It has been a privilege to watch You grow with MissDarcy. May, I too have stopped celebrating Maggiedogs birthday as she will be 7 this year. Instead, I celebrate each day I have with her and hope for many many more.

  5. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    That is a lovely idea Margaret…Gracie is 4 now and each day is a priv

  6. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    That is a lovely idea Margaret. .Gracie is four now and each day is a privilege to share the same air as her….belated happy birthday Little Tyke enjoy your stay.xx

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