The entourage to Burton Bradstock

With tickets in hand after leaving George with Maddie and Max, we went to meet the rest of the entourage to Burton Bradstock.IMG_3692At Waterloo, I was handled, rubbed, cuddled and yelled at!IMG_3736 This is what we saved Georgie from.IMG_3737 The kids can’t get enough of me as I am being man-handled. I usually do not like children but I have met them a few times before and I know they mean well. Highly excitable but they’re friends.IMG_3738 We stood in the middle of Waterloo Station waiting for our train to Dorchester South … IMG_3740After almost missing our train with only two minutes to spare, we all did get on – much to Mummy’s relief.It was all too much for her – five hyper kids and thankfully just me – plus three other adults.

We were back at the very lovely Seaside Boarding House. We have a room with a view of the beach – and we can’t wait to get going!IMG_3750 We took a walk up the cliffIMG_3757Smelling all those wonderful smells we don’t get in the cityIMG_3758 Running happily along IMG_3752 Looking out at the seaIMG_3756Until we got to the beach …IMG_3762Oops! Oh, but that “private chalet” wasn’t too far away so we went for a little walk – on the beach.IMG_3766I don’t think the cliff side will ever be the same again in the aftermath of their visit!!!!IMG_3759May’s comment: Looks like we’ve been lucky with the weather!


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  1. Jill Keiser

    Wow! You do have a big party visiting Burton Bradstock! Hope you have a wonderful time!
    We used to be members of the National Trust a long, long time ago!

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