Have you been naughty or nice?

Darcy: Me, Father Christmas?

Mum tells me I am an angel compared to my dearest little bro, George.  I am never picky about food. I help to clean up all the time. 

George: Naughty? Me? Never!

I’ve been protective of Mum and hate everything that’s nasty in the world. And I let it be known.

Well, that’s what we told Father Christmas when we met him earlier this evening.

Oh darn, we forgot about that FURBO dog camera at home! 

Ahem, though it recorded me waiting for treats most of the time. It had recorded George’s naughtiness when he thought no one was watching – and bothering me and wanting me to play while I was snoozing or waiting for the treats to be dispensed by the FURBO. 

George: Oh no! Does that mean Father Christmas won’t bring me any pressies.  

Mum, please do not forward the videos to Father Christmas. PLEASE!!!!

May’s comment: We have a winner of the FURBO Dog Camera!  Little Buxton! 

Buxton is a little rescue from Battersea.  He was about three years of age when he went to live with his mum, Jennifer a year ago in September.  So there are three years of his life that Jennifer doesn’t know about. That’s why we thought he’s a worthy winner. This way whenever he’s left at home, Jennifer gets to spy on him.  Maybe he was using the phone to call up all his old pals and have a good natter about his new life. LOL! Or maybe he would be sad and worried – so Jennifer can speak to him and dispense treats. 

As for Jennifer, she’s excited about winning the FURBO because “this will help ease my own sadness and help Buxton and I connected when I’m out.

If you’ve entered and did not win, we have GOOD NEWS is we have another FURBO Dog Camera to give away. This time, to join the competition, please tell us one naughty thing your pooch had done this past year. And why you still think he/she is the best pooch ever!

Anyone in the UK and Europe can enter. The winner will be announced on Tuesday morning – so we can try and get the prize to the winner hopefully before Christmas! 


  1. Martine davis

    Rusty scratches the treat door so much I had to replace it with a glass door

    But he’s still gives the best cuddles ever and has given me so much joy 🐶😜

  2. Lola (and Sam) xx

    Being honest, I’m not sure that I am ever that naughty really! I sometimes (always) forget my name when there is a pesky squirrel in the garden and i sometimes forget that I have to wait for all 4 paws to be washed after a muddy walk (because I get bored after 3 being done!)……. but Mummy says she feels bad when I’m home alone and she is at work, so would like to talk to me and I could let her know I’m OK and quite tired after my walks.

    Mum loves me lots and says the best thing about me is that I make her smile every single day and no matter how bad or good her day has been, she can rely 100% on me to love her right back unconditionally! xx

    Love Lola xx

  3. Jennie Luke

    The naughtiest thing Archie did is when we went to Maggie Jones with my dad. We love the restaurant and after seeing on your blog dogs could go we thought we would take him when we went out for a nice dinner to treat my dad who was visiting London. Arch was being great, sitting nicely with his chews under the table.
    Suddenly out of no where Archie jumped up and was on the bench next to my dad and he managed to help himself to a big bit of lamb of his plate.
    We were mortified but thankfully everyone saw the funny side. It may be a little while until we take him to nice places again though 🙈
    Even when he is being naughty though we love Archie more then we ever thought possible. He’s just turned one (after celebrating on the lovely meet up in Hyde park with you all). And he makes us smile evey minute of every day. Is it crazy how much a dog can complete your life and make your house a home! It would be amazing to keep an extra eye on him to make sure he is okay and not getting up to no good!

  4. Sandra Knight

    Whilst walking through the park on a beautiful summer afternoon, Dylan ran across to a family enjoying a picnic and very gently stole a sandwich out of a toddlers grasp, luckily her Mommy saw the funny side as her child really didn’t want to want to eat it

  5. Lin ponchaud

    I can be very vocal when my mummy nips out. I know I am silly because my mummy always comes back. I wish I could buy my mummy a furbo so she could see that I am a good boy really. Love you mummy love your boy Archie xxx
    Thank you Archie. I know you are a good boy who I love unconditionally xx

    • Miss Darcy

      CONGRATULATIONS Archie! You deserve a FURBO – so your Mum can tell you what a good boy you are when you’re feeling a bit sad when she’s out. She can even dispense some treats to distract you from being vocal. xxx

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