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Hello Doodley-doos! Hope you had a good meet-up!


L-R: Poppy (Shih-Tzu), Cara, Champagne (cavapoo), Toby and Coco, Noble (labradoodle), Miuccia, Woodstock, Luca, Rusty, Kiki, Dexter, Fonzie (cavapoo), Scarlet (cavapoo), Maud, Alfie

15 doodles, a Shih-Tzu and little Florence came to play at Hyde Park!  Well, not quite. 398e16f860b874b8c8a8c84d85380ab1But one day soon, little Florence will be running after her cockapoos – Toby and Coco. Welcome Florence! We’re sorry that we were not there to meet you.

Photo credit: Martine D. who did a superb roll call!

May’s comment: We can’t wait to be back for the next Hyde Park Doodles Meet – 29th November at 10:30am.

Same venue – behind The Serpentine Gallery. If you’re at the Serpentine Gallery and you do not see any fluffies running around you are most likely at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. It looks like a white spaceship courtesy of Zaha Hadid.  The original Serpentine Gallery is a short walk away.

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