Hello London! I’m back!

My first day back … and excited we’re going out for a walk …IMG_3575I think I am already missing the green fields of Suffolk. We’re back to pounding the pavement and going into stores with funny things …IMG_3573 And Mummy makes me pose in front of them. Then she sits and talks to the people there and I get bored because there’s no food in these places.IMG_3572Sometimes I feel like I am behind barsIMG_3525 And when we leave the place, we pose for more photos – boring!IMG_3547 And more photos! IMG_3542 Mummy dearest, what happened to the green, green grass of London parks?IMG_3568May’s comment: Sorry, Darling D! The parks are still there.  At the moment I am knackered just walking down the road.  We will make plans to get there somehow.

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  1. Nicola

    You sound weary May…take your time. Darcy will be happy simply being with mum again. You’ll be back to full health soon enough but it’ll take a bit of time. Be good to yourself.

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