Here comes the sun!

With each sunrise, you start anew.
IMG_7720The sun rises every morning and yet we still marvel at it, just as we marvel at sunsets.
IMG_7711We live in a big city, so it is not often we see a sunrise. The skies just get lighter and we know the sun is up – but we don’t see the light rising on the horizon.
IMG_7708It’s another day, another start, a new beginning.
IMG_7722Look! Its reflected in the other window.IMG_7707Now that it’s light …
IMG_7712Shall we go for a walk?
IMG_7715May’s comment: As we move closer to Summer, the days are getting longer. And yesterday morning when at Burton Bradstock, we woke up to sunlight as early as 5am. Darcy jumped out of bed and went to look out the window! Not just one window but all three windows. She was curious about all the new sights and keen to get going. But it was only 5:30am!!!

We eventually made our way out the room by 7am for our walk on the cliffs.IMG_7737 Just beautiful!IMG_7739

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