The Hoste with the most …


There were dogs everywhere at The Hoste Hotel!!!! And we felt very welcomed.

We left Wells-next-the-Sea in the rain and arrived in Burnham Market – still raining.IMG_2338Mummy was really looking forward to exploring this little village.  We had seen it in passing the last time we were on our way to Holkham.  So this time around, she wanted to stop on the way back to London.

After checking in, we went to our cosy little room. I jumped on the bed to make myself comfortable.

Oh look, they even have a note for us to read …IMG_2294This is what was on it – Dear dog, welcome!  –  Awww, isn’t that nice?

Oh, they want to bring some things to our attention …IMG_2292There’s a note about sleeping arrangements. We’re not allowed to snuggle up without putting a blanket or covering on the bed.

Oops! Hope no one is looking –IMG_2293Georgie, you better not jump up on the bed!IMG_2298Besides that one rule that did not agree with us, the hotel was most welcoming to us dogs.

We were excited to get going and went down these interesting stairs.  I had no problem running down them –IMG_2389But remember Georgie didn’t like the glass stairs at the Apple store and we thought he might have some problems with this – he hesitated but then saw me running down and Mummy was going along – and he quickly followed suit.IMG_2390Once we got downstairs – it was socialising time!!!

There were many areas where we could sit – in the bar,IMG_2332in the lounge areaIMG_2305 – some took up a lot of space!!!IMG_2342In the front reception –IMG_2374 Ooops! I think we all broke another rule – they said – no sitting on the sofas! LOL!!!

And there’s even a dining area – where we met PennyIMG_2352We weren’t very nice to Penny – we were all a bit territorial when she came in. Poor Penny.  She’s a Border Collie-Lurcher cross rescue.
IMG_2365So we broke yet another rule, as in we have to wag our tails at other dogs!  Well, actually it was George who started the barking and then Jasper also doesn’t like large dogs.  As for me, I just let them get on with it. Mummy was surprised how docile I was.

We will be in trouble if any of them read this blog – we might never be allowed back there!

May’s comment: This whole north Norfolk area is inundated with dogs!!! They are so much a part of everyday living – probably why people seem so much happier here!

The Hoste is quite a large hotel but they have a boutique hotel across the street called The Vine Hotel, which I preferred but was told – no dogs allowed. Absolutely, never – they said. It is for people who are allergic to dogs. Really? Those people better not leave their rooms nor walk around the whole region – they might have a reaction all day and all night!!!

Perfectly located for exploring Burnham Market and great to bring your dogs.



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  1. Cecilia

    How nice to live and travel in a doggie town!

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