How high can you go?

Squirrels, we are comin’ to get you and Fern, the cockapoo is showing us how!

Fern had figured out how to scale a tree and if he can do it, we might be able to!

First you kick off with a leap and cling on!

Then you cling on for dear life

While other pooches look on

Wondering how they can get up too.

Then you just keep looking up, aiming for those rodents that ran up that same tree trunk.

Question is … how do you get down?!?!?!

Fern the Cockapoo who loves to climb trees…see dog climbing trees story… all pics by Peter Jolly

And Fern, if you went up any higher, this is what it would look like! P.s. I didn’t climb it. Just Mummy doing her usual making me pose in “funny” situations.

Now we’re very afraid of what Mummy is going to make us do next. She’s going to be putting treats on a tree trunk and expect us to go get it. But then the squirrels will always get them first! Not fair!

May’s comment: This made the news! Clever cockapoos!

Fern’s owner, Margaret Robb was walking in the Achility Forest, near Inverness, Scotland with her dogs.  She had thrown a stick for Fern to fetch. It had gone behind a tree but Fern thought it had gone up the tree so he proceeded to go after it!!!

And since then he has been going up trees!  Who knew what these clever dogs can do next?

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  1. Cecilia

    Haha, a dog climbing trees is unheard of! Fern you certainly are a big exception!

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