“I can hear your heartbeat”

Little George had his annual check-up and Little Tyke went along to make sure he’s ok.

Unlike me, he doesn’t like vets. He is frightened and wants to run away. Little Tyke tried to calm him down and told him it will be ok.IMG_4267But even then he didn’t want to go inside. IMG_4270Little Tyke had to pull him in.

Yup! George doesn’t like anyone looking at his teeth – he is very self-conscious of his crooked lower jaw with a discoloured protruding tooth.  IMG_4271He tried to wriggle free. Don’t blame you George.

He did jump off the examination table a couple of times but he couldn’t run away. When Mummy held him, he was shaking with fear.  Poor Georgie!  Where did you learn to be afraid of Vets? I love visiting the Vet because I know there are always treats at the end of the visit – or for every jab or poke! LOL!

When Dr. Luke listened to George’s heartbeat, Little Tyke became very curious.IMG_4272And asked if he could listen to George’s heartbeat.IMG_4274 “I can’t hear anything” said Little Tyke. “Oh, no!” Mummy worried! LOL!

“Oh yes! I can hear it now” he said. And he started to dance to George’s heartbeat. IMG_4276George was getting his annual jabs.IMG_4279 And Little Tyke was very concerned.  “Why are you giving him injections? Will he feel the pain? Why two?”  So many questions!IMG_4280George was a perfect weight at 5.65 kg – exactly the same as last year, and Dr. Luke mentioned how muscular his back legs were. “Very impressive” said Dr. Luke.

May’s comment: 5.65kg – YAY! He can still go in cabin when we fly!

It was his annual check-up and took the opportunity to ask the vet about George’s sporadic limp in his back legs. It doesn’t happen often, and he doesn’t seem to be in pain. But it has been noticeable – and many who have him, friends, dog walkers have noticed the same. But because I had done his DNA testing and know he is a Yorkie, Maltese, Shih-Tzu cross – the limping is most likely a patellar luxationin layman’s terms – a knee cap dislocation!

A dislocated kneecap is one of the most prevalent knee joint abnormalities in dogs. The condition is most common in toy and miniature dog breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Pekingese, Chihuahua, and Boston Terrier.” (Pet MD.com)

Well, I guess with all his small dog breeds, he is subject to the condition!  That’s one benefit of DNA testing in cross-breeds or multi crosses just to be aware of the issues with respective breeds.

Kynance Vet at 8 Kynance Mews, London


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Poor little Georgie, I don’t like the doctor much either all that prodding and poking! At least he’s in good health and not overweight, not sure I can say the same about the overweight bit Lol. Maybe Little Tyke will be a vet when he grows up, he certainly take an interest in what’s going on.

  2. Judith Vogel

    Wow what a visit to the vet ..,.a lesson for all!
    Wonderful for Tyke (expanding his world of experiences) whose curiosity about each procedure was answered by Dr Luke. Tyke’s dance to George’s heartbeat ..,,priceless!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge May about Georgie’s knee.
    I think Bennie has a touch of the same condition that once or twice Bennie displays.
    Vet remarked about it but you were able to supply the technical name!
    I learned a lot from your visit too!
    XoxoxJudy and Bennie

  3. Congratulations on writing such a nice piece of work. It has inspired me to try something new myself. I was always afraid that I might mess up things, but you have given me confidence. Thank you for sharing your life experiences.

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