I don’t fancy being the middle dog

OK, Mummy, now that we finally have some time together, can I tell you what I think.
This Churchill fella. I’m not so keen on him.

He’s crazy! He plays with all my, er, our toys. He empties the whole basket of them.It is so annoying. I can’t seem to play with them any more as he has taken over!

And he wears this funny thing on his head which I can’t understand what it’s for.Yes, I understand that he needs a place to stay for now. And you have  already told us he’s not staying but while he’s here, he’s making me feel overlooked.

And now that he’s feeling comfortable, he sure makes himself feel at home!!!!Look how he has taken over prime position on the bed!

Mummy, you’re a middle child so you know how that feels. I feel like I am one these past few days.

I know three is a handful for you especially when Churchill walks with that cone on his head. It gets in our way too and it makes awful noise as he brushes it against the ground when he tries to smell the pee.  So because of him, you get help from Camilla and I get left with him while you take Darcy galavanting to events and dinners. Why don’t I get to go?

And then he gets all the attention from everyone.  He gets to go on special playdates when you take Darcy with you and I get left with this crazy puppy who just bothered me the whole time.

I don’t even want to have to share my walks with Joanna because everyone is there – Darcy, Crumpet, Churchill and that Habiti! I really prefer to be with you. What happened to all the “Mummy and me” time we used to have? Yes, I am a real grump. 🙁

Darcy: So now you know how I felt when you came bouncing into my quiet life. I tolerated you and then when you became comfortable at our home you became aggressive towards me. Remember that? We had to get Vanessa in to knock that out of you. The polite hoomans called that “resource guarding”. I just call it aggression. Poor me. I really wondered what had happened to my quiet, happy life with Mummy. But you were taught that you have your turn when it comes to food and love. And you learnt. Actually now you are better at waiting for your turn than I am. LOL!

May’s comment: Yup! George is a little annoyed. On the third day after Churchill had been with us, George barked like I have never heard him bark when Joanna came to take them for a walk. He usually runs off happily while Darcy would look back at me. This time he barked and he barked and as I walked away he became even angrier. He was uncontrollable.

At home, when Camilla came to help out, he stuck to her side, sat with her and asked for affection. When Churchill went any closer, he got told off by George. Or he would sit by himself under the table – disappearing into the darkness of the pad he sat on.  Not a peep from him.

He totally ignores Churchill. Does not interact – just like Darcy tolerated him when he arrived. She still just tolerates George. 🙂

So yesterday we had “Mummy and me” time – and I missed my little guy.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Poor you Georgie, never mind Churchill is only with you temporarily, so be kind. I do hope he finds his furever home soon. If I lived in the UK I’d take him in a heartbeat. In the meantime you all stay safe.

  2. Cheryl

    Poor George! Hang in there, hopefully mummy will find Churchill a loving forever home soon! Meanwhile he needs some love and comfort.

  3. Carrie B

    Can’t help George (and Darcy) with Churchill being there, but have you thought about a ‘recovery suit’ rather than the head cone? http://medicalpetshirts.com/products/medical-pet-shirt/

  4. Desiree Leva

    Try feeding Churchill a grain free diet. My pup skin cleared completely up when I changed his diet!! I so love all the adventures you share with us!! God Bless you ! Thank you & stay safe. Xo

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you for reading! Thank you for caring. I’ve been feeding Churchill the same raw meat as I feed my other two – and within days, his itchiness seems to have subsided and within the next day, his poos – amazing!!!! 🙂 All’s well.

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