I don’t like the beach, that’s why.

On the final morning, Mummy woke up early to take us on a last beach run.  Yesterday, George had done a runner so Mummy had him on the leash all the way down to the beach. I ran ahead and waited for them to make their way down the narrow path.

I couldn’t wait to chase George and have a good run.  Then all of a sudden, I was running alone.George had decided he didn’t like being on the beach and he was running up the steep steps towards the hotel. Well, that was the end of our morning run on the beach. We scrambled after him with Mummy shouting, “George! George!” But we were too slow and he had disappeared up the hillside.

He wasn’t just running up the narrow path. Instead he ran into the brambling bushes on the hillside. Thankfully he had on his bright blue neoprene coat so he could be spotted just a little easier. We walked half way up the hill to where he disappeared but there was no sign of him.  Mummy walked on and she led me inside the hotel gate so at least she need not worry where I might go – but I would never wander far anyway. She went back down the narrow path to look for George and caught sight of him standing behind one of the bushes, looking to see where we were. Once he caught sight of Mummy, he darted up the hillside.

Mummy lost sight of him. Then she had an idea. She decided to return to the hotel and recruit help. But as she walked up the hill, she caught sight of him on the path further along on other side of the hotel grounds. Mummy let me out of the gate in hope that I would get George to come back. I did catch up with him and told him to come back with me but he was not interested. We ran alongside each other for a little while as I tried to shepherd him towards Mummy. But he wouldn’t come. I returned to find Mummy while he scampered off in another direction – this time into the garden next door where he went to yesterday. He seemed to enjoy darting around in it for whatever reason.At that point, we had just 45 minutes before the taxi would arrive and Mummy had not had breakfast yet – and it’s going to be a long journey to London. She thought it best to take me back to the room and then to ask the hotel reception for help.  They sent out two of their staff to help round up George.

In the meantime, Mummy spotted a man walking past with his dog.  She raced down to ask if he had seen a little black dog aka crazy mutt from whence he came! Indeed he had seen George darting happily back and forth back where we last saw him.  As they walked in that direction, they saw him amongst the bushes in the garden of the house next door to the hotel. It was obvious he wasn’t going anywhere except he didn’t want to come back to us.

In the meantime, two hotel staff members showed up for the hunt, and all three of them stood at various parts of the fence surrounding the garden. They could see George lingering near the thick prickly undergrowth.  Mummy stayed at a slight distance because she knew if he saw her, he would run. He wasn’t ready to be back on a leash.

One of the staff stood on the side of the hotel garden wall and kept urging George to go to her.  The other came from behind, this time with treats in her hand.  She approached him slowly and reassuringly.
Should I pick him up?” she yelled.  By then he knew he was in trouble or maybe, felt cornered he did not run away.

The helpful lady later told Mummy that he was whimpering and had the look of guilt. He knew he had done something VERY wrong. He didn’t run off, he waited to be picked up.

Hooray! for the rescue team.By then, we had delayed the taxi pick-up. Mummy hosed him down and went to our room to clean us both before going on a five hour train ride.  She wasn’t keen to travel with two damp dogs.

Why, George? You ruined our last morning. You’ve made us miss our earlier train, so now we’ll be one that will be overcrowded with all the holiday makers on their way home.  Yes, hang your head in shame. And the next time, the hotel may never want us back again. 🙁 Or it may mean that you won’t get to come with us. We will have to leave you behind. And that’s not what we want. We want to be altogether.

But I don’t really like the beach,” George tried to explain.I am afraid of the water. I prefer to run amongst the bushes and hunt for things. You know I wasn’t running away. I just wanted to do my thing.

May’s comment: Who would have thought that I could lose George on a beach? He has never been a fan really and he doesn’t like water. He really prefers to run on fields and chase squirrels, and he definitely has a mind of his own. He’s full of character and mischief.

I believe he would eventually come back but I had no time to wait for him to make his decision.  At first he was driven by a curiosity and a desire to do what he wants and then when he sensed he was in trouble, he began to run away in fear.  Year 2017, year number 3 – still have work to do.

As for that bright blue neon jacket – thank goodness he had it on. In fact they have been amazingly useful in keeping wet sand off their bodies as they ran and rolled in the sand. It’s waterproof enough to keep them dry and unlike Equafleeces, the sand just falls off of it.


  1. Sarah

    Oh George – you really do lead your mum a merry dance!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Wow! What an unnerving morning! Yea rescue team! Hope the trip home isn’t too unpleasant!

    • Miss Darcy

      Happy New Year, Jill. Been meaning to write to say thank you so much for always reading our posts and participating in our lives through your comments. The journey home was absolutely a breeze compared to what happened earlier. On top of it all, I don’t know what he ate but before we boarded the train he had the worst possible poo ever – complete brown liquid. That was it because after we arrived, it was back to normal.

  3. Eppie Dyann Giles

    I love your adventures. I read them to my little Fleas Navidad. She is listens and comments. She would be a George always off exploring and ignoring me.

  4. Sian

    As you know May, we have a similar situation with our dogs. Pippa is a proper and well behaved ladie who would never stray from me. Harvey, on the other hand, can sometimes let his curiosity and fear get him in trouble! So I researched what to do if he should run off. Many articles say to lay on the ground once you get near your dog. That he will go to you in a protective gesture. If my dogs behavior while I do sit ups is any indication, this theory should be right! Don’t know if this will help, but worth a try!
    Good luck!

  5. Jane Hamon

    George! What are you like?!

  6. Elizabeth Burman

    Georgie you naughty, naughty boy! I agree with Sian. I was told at dog training classes if your dog runs off and won’t come when called, to squat or sit down on the ground and it will come back to investigate. Worth a try. I haven’t yet had to use this method myself, so I don’t know if it works.

  7. Sandie Taylor

    Elizabeth Burman that sounds like a good ploy, I must remember to try it.

  8. Teresa katuin

    Happy New Year Miss Darcy and family!! I will be a new puppy owner on the 15th Jan and have been reading your blogs with great enjoyment. All your tips on products and food have been fantastic. I live in Kensington near the park and can’t wait to come and meet you on one of your dog walks xxxxx Teresa and new pup Lottie

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Teresa! Let us know when you’ll be there and we would love to meet you! Check out the tab pin Wine & Dine – and you can go about your daily life with your new puppy. Start them young and they will be used to city living in no time. Can’t wait to meet Lottie!!! That was one of the names I had thought for a new dog – someday! 🙂

  9. George sounds an awful lot like Poppy
    Ever inquisitive and ready to explore
    Only to discover something further away
    Really, calling her, encourages her more
    Getting into “trouble” is her special trick
    Especially when trying to get her back!

  10. Laura Cordovano

    It’s the terrier in him My terriers have always run off, dug under the fence, even climbed a tree to get to what they want. They are ratters and diggers. We’ve had many heart attacks through the years as they have strolled down busy highways, gone under the fence to the ranch next door to run after the horses, showed up running around in a school, ran around like crazy at an open house. They have the wanderlust. I renamed Daisy Houdini because she could escape an iron tight fenced yard and be gone. I was so happy to get them to the city. So much easier. And they say once they do it they will continue to do it. Hahaha. I once had them on leashes and tripped, let go of the leashes and fell flat on my face. They had no pitty for me laying on the road I can tell you they ran off like a shot till a Good Samaritan corralled them. This is just what terriers do. Love reading your stories! Happy New Year.

    • Miss Darcy

      Happy New Year, Laura! I gathered that it has become his habit. He’s fine, he’s fine and then I can tell by now that he then enters a mode and it comes after he’s bored with his surrounds. He’s crazy!!!!

  11. Samantha R and Lola (Cockapoo)

    Look at that cute little face – looks like butter wouldn’t melt………….!

  12. Cheryl

    Oh George, you scamp!! I’m so glad you came to your senses!
    Happy New Year!

  13. Margaret Danks

    George, you sre soooo naughty! You lead your mum a merry dance you gorgeous little scamp!

  14. Janet

    Hi May, just returned from a short stay at Cragwood Hall in the Lake District. Really dog friendly and as you can imagine surrounded by stunning views. Cragwood Hall and its beautiful grounds are situated on the banks of Lake Windermere. Although there are a few rules about doggies staying, like dogs are not allowed in the restaurant for instance, they are allowed in all the lounges and the bars where food is served if wanted. Staff go overboard to make the guests welcome and our Cockapoo, Peggy was made a big fuss of! We will definitely stay there again.

    • Miss Darcy

      We’re looking forward to going to the Lake District – have heard they’re very dog friendly there. Will definitely keep this in mind! Thank you so much! x

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