I got lost

I didn’t run away. This time I was properly lost in Kensington Gardens.

Darcy and I were having a good run, as we always do. We ran far and we ran back to Mummy.

We ran far again and we came back.

Mummy turned to walk down a path that was more overgrown, and lots of trees. And off we went. Mummy was feeling very confident. Darcy ran back but I thought I was running back to Mummy too but there was so much undergrowth, I couldn’t see Mummy. I kept running but there was no Mummy and no Darcy.

I ran and I ran but no Mummy. I thought maybe I should go to a place where I know well – the Serpentine Gallery. But instead of cockapoos, there I saw lots of Pomeranians.I wandered around looking for them when a little boy spotted me. He went and asked a lady in the crowd if I belonged to anyone. The kind lady came towards me and got Mummy’s number off my tag and called it.

After a few minutes, I saw Darcy coming towards me.And yes, my sight though blurred with excitement – I saw Mummy!!!!I barked and barked at her! Where were you? Why did you leave me or lose me?

The leash went back on and for the rest of the walk, Mummy never let me out of sight! But phew! That was scary.

I was saved by Pomeranians! 🙂

May’s comment: He didn’t run away. He wasn’t sitting under a tree oblivious to my calling him. He was properly lost.

There’s a sense of community within Kensington Gardens amongst dog owners. I stopped a few people with dogs walking in different directions and told them to look out for a little black dog. One of them said he had seen one and would zig zag along to see if she can spot him again. He had a tag, right? Yes. Another couple and another I asked to help look out for him. Someone said to me – you look very calm for having lost a dog. Well, maybe I’ve had this experience a few times before. And I somehow knew he was safe. I started to head towards where he and Darcy always chased squirrels when my phone rang.  I knew immediately it was about George.

The difference between this time and previous incidences – he had run from the area where we had lost each other all the way to the Serpentine Gallery because that’s a place we came for our Doodle meets. He hung around looking for us.  In the past, I usually found him under a tree but this time, there was no sighting of him. This time he didn’t run away and he didn’t have selective hearing. He wasn’t distracted by squirrels. He got lost amongst the trees and bushes. But he had the sensibility to go towards the Serpentine – to look for me, for us. A place he associated with us.

Thankfully, a small boy who was standing in the queue for the Serpentine Gallery spotted him and went to ask someone who was at the monthly Pomeranian meet if the little black dog was with anyone. This kind lady got a hold of George and called my number. I instructed her to hold onto him!Though on a leash, he stood all tensed and stared into the distance looking out for me. The minute he saw us, he started barking! In the past he was blasé that I found him. This time, he was anxious. He barked and he barked – probably annoyed that he couldn’t find me. Or that I had left him. Or relieved to see us. Whatever the reason, there was a strong recognition and a connection.

Was it scary for a minute? Yes. More like half an hour.

Scary for me and for him, but it was massive progress for George. Now I know he is truly one of us. Knock on wood, I hope I’m right. There had been a few indicators in the last six months that showed me that he knows he belongs.  Thank you Pomeranian Club of Hyde Park for being there.

And when the people asked me what he looked like – I was, er, a little black dog, about the size of a regular Yorkshire terrier but looks like a black Maltese! LOL! How do I describe him?


  1. Kathy

    So glad you were united!

  2. Lisa King

    I love the George stories! He’s coming around. It takes time.

  3. Cheryl

    I’m just so relieved you and he found each other!!

  4. Rosemary

    So happy you found one another. Little George must have been scared!

  5. Karen

    How do you describe George. I would say “the beautiful one”. He looks so like my Ziva.

  6. Rita and Gracie

    Easy to describe George..a little black bundle of gorgeosness…glad you’re all back together.💖

  7. Margaret Danks

    Darling George, what a scare you must have had. Poor mummy must have been beside herself. 🐾❤

  8. Ruth

    How scary George, so glad you knew where to go so Mummy could find you. Heaven knows what was in your mind when you saw Darcy coming towards you and then Mummy.

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