I have issues …

I am a little black dog who is sometimes afraid of the world.

I stress out riding in cars but not any other forms of transportation (bus, trains, tubes, planes) – we can’t figure out why, it just came on one day a few years ago. I was ok when I first came to live with Mummy, or was I? Maybe Mummy just accepted I was nervous then but as we went on, that anxiety never left me. And when we travel, I know it has not been easy on Mummy.

And I am afraid of certain dogs when I can’t read them or when they are in tact (jealous of their balls!).  I just want to tell them I don’t like them. Most of the time I scare them – YES! Very rarely do they turn on me. And when they do, I bark scream and go a bit mental with fear! What is worse, their hoomans don’t like me as I scare them – understandable as their pooches are their babies. And neither does Mummy like me very much when I do that.

So Mummy brought me to the Ceva Pet Wellness event at the Rosewood London Hotel. Me, along with Darcy and our mates, Barnaby and Freddiemet with Ellena, the behaviourist.  I had a longer session than anyone else. 🙁

And they told Mummy about the Adaptil collar to help take the edge off my “flawed character” –So please, please, please, I really hope this will work its magic on me.  I know I need to “adapt” better to life around hoomans and other dogs.

Just in case the collar wasn’t enough, we took home the Adaptil Transport spray for the blanket when I get in the car the next time. And then there’s the tablets if everything else wasn’t working. Mummy is determined to help me “adapt” to this world.While I was having serious consultations and testing out an Adaptil collar, take a guess what my dear, half Spaniel sister was doing.

You guessed right. Staring down a biscuit. Balancing it on her nose.Pretending she wasn’t eating it. Like, really?

Checking out treat jars and attempting to get them!Checking out the doggy biscuits and cupcakes on offer.Inching closer to oneWhen she was supposed to pose with it. Freddie kept telling her off.After the posing was done, she was caught on camera eating it!

My sister has issues. Serious issues!!!! Her Spaniel genes get the better of her.

We know because Sev, a Spaniel, was even better than her at getting to the treats!

But on a more serious side to things, they sat and listened to a presentation about Adaptil – and then they sat around and discussed what each of them needed to haveThey checked out the home diffuserAnd most of all, they checked out the dog beds and grateful for all the treats, water bowls and our goody bag!We were glad that the camera man got a video of Darcy’s wagging tail – as she showed her appreciation for all they did for us.Back to me, little black dog, I pray that I find something to help me get over my anxieties. No one told Mummy it was going to be easy to get a rescue. I don’t think I have been so difficult, just a little neurotic. Just a little.

May’s comment: He’s a terrier, they say. He was a street dog, they say – he had to protect himself. Dogs are afraid when they can’t read faces – and they bark or get aggressive out of fear. Been told that twice now – at first he’s unsure so he barked, not at his friends but at new arrivals. How did he survive as long as he did on the streets? He must have succeeded being the way he is and that’s why he thinks that’s what he still needs to do. It’s a habit that is hard to rid off.

Avoid situations that causes him anxiety. So does that mean he stops travelling with us or do we just keep going? Does it reinforce his behaviour each time? Do I leave him home when I go to all these events we get invited to?  I can’t do that, so I  think the back pack might have to come into use.

He’s a complicated one. He is so endearing to humans and he engages so well, but not with all dogs. He can love and he can play with Darcy, Jaffa and certain dogs. Four years on, I am still learning about him.



  1. Kathy Shoulders

    George is a very special little fella. When he lived on the streets it is no telling what all he went thru and had to endure. I’m sure it was definitely enough to make a fella neurotic. Poor sweetheart. It’s amazing he survived. Unfortunately that’s part of his life that you will never really know. And probably don’t need to. I have a little fella with a lot of the same problems. He had been a stray too. I just admire your preserverance to help him. Bless you

  2. Jill Keiser

    Hope one or more of those Adaptil products work for George! He deserves to beat anxiety!

  3. Margaret Danks

    Darling little George. I hope the adaptil works for him.

  4. Alison Mullett

    I hope this helps George “adapt” – he’s so loving with humans. I’m so glad he’s found you to help May!

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