I love you right up to the Moon – and back!

We have two new Christmas ornaments to add to our little Christmas tree …

It’s a small, humble tree but holds lots of memories.Two years ago, Mum was so excited to have found these that looked like us. This year we’re adding to it our own personalised Christmas ornamentsThe bunnies are colour co-ordinated with our names on them.We’re running out of branches on our little tree – so Mum, what are we going to do?

May’s comment: Love Christmas everything especially Christmas trees – they’re very photogenic, but I really can’t be bothered with a big Christmas tree at home. Bah Humbug! I know.

Besides there’s nowhere to put one without moving furniture around. So on our humble little tree that I bought from Heal’s decades ago has served its purpose – beautifully and elegantly.

However, it is too small for ornaments so it’s a good thing to keep it to a minimum. That’s why we’ve kept only the ones that have memories. Whether it’s Rebekah’s bauble from 1982 that she made it for me at school when I was her au pair, to Sasha’s upside down heart from 2013 he had made when he spent a term at Tadpoles Nursery in London.This year I found Ginger Felts and asked Trudie if she would make these ornaments for us. Besides our favourite saying – “Love you to the moon and back” – Trudie personalised them for us.  The felted rabbits are the colour of the pooch.

Cockapoo puppy glass ornament is from http://www.christmas-treasures.com/


  1. Alison Mullett

    Simply beautiful! #lessismore

  2. Jill Keiser

    Nice to have a tree that is beautiful but also holds precious memories!

  3. Beverley


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