I said, “Boo!” and they laughed

Creepy, crawly spiders coming your way!

Boo! said I, George, Mr. TarantulaAnd Boo! said Jaffa as Mrs. Tarantula … we were just practising how to be scary.

Let me see if I can scare my sister, who is all dressed up cutesey as Paddington Bear rather than scary.Boo!  Said, as I nudged her with my hornsAnd she responded, “Don’t be ridiculous!” Why isn’t anyone frightened by me? I give up!

So we went to the Doodle Meet and I was ready to run up to the poos to scare them and every time I did, the hoomans shrieked with laughter!

We failed miserably at being scary. We were completely hilarious, it seemed. So have a hilarious Halloween!  Happy to make you all smile, laugh,

May’s comment: The best Halloween costumes ever!

Here’s Jaffa, not so amused.Neither was George! LOL!Bought on Amazon!

Tried to do Paddington Bear with Darcy but couldn’t find the hat!


  1. Christina LeDee

    May “Happy Halloween” to You, Miss Darcy, George and all the gang.

  2. Lolie

    Happy howlaween
    Love from
    The New Forest Doodles x

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Dear little George, he plays the part so well. Can’t tell where dog ends and spider begins!!😂

  4. Kathy Shoulders

    They are adorable!!!! Happy Halloween!!

  5. Claire

    Hi May!!! I hope you remember me – Nikko’s grandmum – Claire – we met in NYC in March. Hope you’re well. I just played the clip of George running at your Halloween Doodle meet and my three dogs went CRAZY when he barked! They ran around my livingroom looking for him! Great fun!
    Happy Halloween May –

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Claire, of course I remember you. So funny that they thought George was there! 😝 Happy Halloween!

  6. Kathy Shoulders

    Miss Darcy looks so cute a paddington bear! Her demeanor fits perfectly too. lol

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