I told you there’s a Mini Tyke

This is Mini Tyke. She was afraid of me …IMG_8109_2 But she was also very curious.IMG_8113_2So she would entice me with food
IMG_8115_2But she would be scared if I got closerIMG_8114_2Then I had to do something that would engage her. IMG_8313_2I worked on my puzzleIMG_8317_2While Little Tyke and Mini Tyke looked on with great curiosity.

Then she became braver

IMG_8320_2 And started to stroke meIMG_8331_2 And she kept kissing me – but I got annoyed at her because she was getting in the way of my food – so I did something naughty –IMG_8338_2I barked at her and scared her and everyone around us. Sorry, Mini Tyke – IMG_8345_2You must learn that when it comes to food, it is not a good idea to get in my way.IMG_8343_2Little Tyke was telling Mini Tyke that she must be careful.

May’s comment: Always be careful with children and dogs.  Children tend to get excited and do annoying things to the dogs. And at the end, dogs are animals and the only way they communicate annoyance is a bark and a nip/bite.  Darcy was annoyed with Skye putting her face in front of hers and kissing her while there was food waiting to be had. Anyway, no harm done, and it hasn’t stopped her from wanting to pat and touch Darcy.

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  1. Laura Cordovano

    May I had Daisy who was a fluffy cuddly white small white Westie that the kids went wild for. She was like a magnet to them. When the nieces and nephews came over she would hide under the bed for hours. It was just too much for her. If they managed to get her and they always tried, she was a good sport about it. But the second she had the opportunity it was back under the bed again. It think this enticed the kids more! Nothing like wanting something or someone you can’t have! So happy you are surrounded with doggies and tykes.

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