I’m only “hooman” after all

One of my most favourite places!

The other day, Mummy and Sandra treated themselves and me to some gelato. I had my usual “crema” – it has eggs in it – good for my hair, we were told. And Mummy happily bought into it!

Someone asked if its dog ice cream! Heavens no! I don’t like that pretend stuff. I like the hooman kind!

May’s comment: We don’t do this often but on hot summer days, when I have some Darcy and me time, I like walking down Kings Road and when we reach Chelsea Green, I let her off lead.  Immediately she runs and chases the pigeons on the square before running along to Chelsea Farmers Market. She runs ahead, then runs back to check that I am coming, She runs into Pet Pavilion and straight to the back of the counter to ask for treats. If I don’t follow her in, I call her, and she knows exactly where we’re going.

And she trots along and goes straight into Dri Dri Gelateria.

Once in there, she stands on her two legs to look at the flavours. Then she jumps up on the bench seats and awaits her gelato! LOL!

We don’t do this often and besides it’s gelato – not ice-cream. Less fattening, they say. At least that’s what I would like to believe. 🙂

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