Is that snow?

Look at all that snow in the window!!! How did it get there?IMG_6060I’ve seen snow once – a long time ago when I was in Dusseldorf. It was cold – but this stuff here isn’t cold at all.

And what’s that hanging off the chair? A squirrel’s tail?IMG_6058 Nope, it is some fake white stuff that led me to think it was snow in the store window.  I was terribly disappointed.

One of the sales staff came to comfort me. She explained that had to be that way or it would all melt.IMG_6052 Not so happy with this shopping expedition. It is so boring.  When we left this store, only to go to the next one!

All this walking – no wonder Mummy needs shoes. But she has only two feet – how many pairs does she need?!?!!?!IMG_6062 But at this next store, the sales staff asked to take photos of me looking bored – so I looked upIMG_6067And we went to yet anotherIMG_4139dog-loving staff who wanted to stroke, pet, cuddle …IMG_4138 Funny thing about shoe shops – you would think they of all possible retailers, they would be the ones that dread us most.  Don’t we have such a reputation for chewing shoes? LOL!!!! Be afraid, be very afraid.
IMG_6074Instead every single shoe store we go to love having us there. 🙂

May’s comment: A girl’s gotta have shoes – options! And it wasn’t Black Friday!

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  1. Sharon

    You are so lucky to be able to take the dogs into so many places May. Has it always been like that? Finally we are able to take our dogs into our large hardware chain, Bunnings. Within the first week of allowing this, a dog bit a child, so now they have to be muzzled. The nurseries don’t seem to mind the dogs coming in.. I put Harry in the trolley in case he decides tomreleive himself.

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