It was a Quilted Jacket day

We did not go to the park today. Instead we went for a three-hour walk – Mummy was having retail therapy! ūüôā

It was rather Autumnal so we all donned our ¬†new quilted jackets. ¬†IMG_8157Mine is a jacket with sleeves¬†but George’s is a gilet because he has such skinny little legs, sleeves are a bit cumbersome for him.IMG_8162Check out our poppy lapel pins!IMG_8141George – keep your head in the photo!

We walked along Kings Road …IMG_8164and stopped at the square across the road from Burton Court – probably the only square nearby where dogs are allowed.IMG_8177It’s not a very nice square – just gravel. IMG_8175 IMG_8167And we got barked at by these two little pooches in a nearby house.IMG_8172Oy! What’s your problem?

George looking longingly at the wide open park inside Burton Court.IMG_8181

We stopped for coffee and cake to refuel. ¬†Sorry, Mummy stopped for coffee and cake at Cocomaya …IMG_8191while we looked on.IMG_8193Look at that delicious cake!

And this is me now –¬†knackered!IMG_8217

Mays’ comment: Two of the best shopping buddies. No¬†grumblings, patiently ¬†followed me everywhere – even into the changing room.¬†IMG_8192New quilted jackets¬†at¬†Alice Foxx Coats by Miss Darcy

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