It’s Furry Potter

Dressing up for World Book Day.

I have a few favourite books …

This is special because it was sent to me all the way from California by special friends Dick who have since passed away.
This book always makes us smile.
And we know this is not true. I DO ballet!

And guess which is George’s favourite book?

This is George’s guide book but not his favourite.
He has so many books named after him!
Nope! Not this either – he just thought he’s a saint and wanted to find out why.

So let us tell you which one is his favourite book …

Of course it is “Curious George”

But I have one special book that has my name in it –

And one of Mum’s favourite characters.

And what about Mum?

But of course! We love it too.

Which is yours?

May’s comment: We have a wardrobe of clothes and costumes but by far the best dressing up has been one we did three years ago. Because Sasha was Harry Potter,

surely BFF Miss D must be too.

But it was last minute – no time to order any kit from Amazon, I used my black shawl for a cape, my eyeglasses, a chopstick for a wand and printed a lighting scar to stick on her head!

It’s Furry Potter!

Voila! Happy World Book Day!

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Darcy makes a great Furry Potter! What a collection of books 📚 she and George have!

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