It’s red hot, hot, hot in Charleston!

So while we’re running the fields in the lovely English countryside, Impostor travelled with Mummy to Charleston, SC! 

IMG_2591They took a carriage ride around the historic downtownIMG_2595With Myron, their tour guideIMG_2599Impostor sat very quietly as they weaved through the streetsIMG_2611 Looking at the unique Charleston architecture IMG_2606 IMG_2608 Looking at beautiful garden boxesIMG_2618 IMG_2621Charleston prides themselves to be more English than “southern” – that explains why their streets are King Street, Queen Street IMG_2620and even George Street!!!!IMG_2609It’s really too hot for us to be there. Mummy did come across dog walkers walking them on the shady side of the street. And she met two cockapoos!!! Didn’t get their names.

They had to walk in the shade and whenever possible, they stopped in a shop for some reprieve – that sounds more like an excuse. IMG_2585But Mummy thought The Impeccable Pig was really quite impeccable!

And Mummy and Wendeline (we travelled to Ireland together) went to Husk – a restaurant that serves amazing southern dishes done to perfection!IMG_2552 IMG_2558 Fried chicken with mashIMG_2565Shrimp with grits an some corn breadIMG_2568Impostor sat under the table quietly – of course dogs are not allowed into dining areas in the U.S. – that’s another reason that Impostor went instead of us.

May’s comment: We were here 31 years ago on a field trip with my Biz School class (IMBA, University of South Carolina) – not much has changed since except for amazing restaurants that has made this quite the culinary destination.  Obviously dogs are not allowed so Impostor is not a true representation.


  1. Christine

    You are looking very cool May, I have been to SC and it can be very warm, glad imposter did not melt 🙂

  2. Sheri Price

    If you are still in Charleston you need to take imposter to Poogan’s porch. They named the restaurant after their dog “Poogan”! Welcome to South Carolina by the way! We live in the northern part of the state in Greenville!

    • Miss Darcy

      Oh no! I would have loved to … and as we were walking back to the hotel, I met someone who was just at a grooming and pet accessories place on King Street – how did I miss it!?!?!

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