Jab, jab, poof!

I had my annual check up yesterday.  I saw my vet, Mr. Butt for the very first time when I was 16 weeks.IMG_3955 Whoa! See that needle on the table. Oh yes, I know what that is.IMG_3956 Ouch! It pricks just a little. IMG_3957But that doesn’t mean I wish to have another one. So Mr. Butt tells the nurse I needed “distraction”, I call it – treats! That was my rabies shot updated and no need to do this for another three years.  Mummy didn’t want to risk missing the deadline or else I will need to do it every year again. IMG_3959 And then poof – the next one for kennel cough went up my nostrils.IMG_3964 Mr. Butt had never met George before – so he had a look in to see if he’s ok.  Fine bill of health. Estimated age – 2 years.IMG_3963I was a little woozy in the afternoon – Mummy said I was not my usual self. I did not jump up at the table to see what was being served at lunch – I laid very quietly under the table the entire meal.  Mummy was pleased. And I walked up the stairs instead of leaping as I usually do.

I was very quiet – but of course I ate my supper though I did not bother to lick off any remnants in Georgie’s bowl.IMG_3992

But all this means I am set to travel – HOORAY!

And the best news of all – Mr. Butt who had been campaigning to let pets onto Eurostar told us that there was a meeting yesterday to discuss that.  If they can get it passed, then Eurostar will be pressured to allow pets on the train based on the fact that it’s discriminatory against humans who have pets!!!!!

And then we need everyone to inundate Eurostar with letters and emails and postings on their Facebook page.  We’re waiting to hear back from Mr. Butt to pass on the word.

May’s comment: That’s progress. Waiting to hear back from Mr. Butt the next steps!!!

Poor little Darcy seemed very quiet this afternoon. Hope she’s back to herself tomorrow.


  1. Sally

    That’s great! Is there anything I can do to help with the Eurostar? It would be fantastic to be able to travel with my boy. Nice Mr Butt, need a FB page to petition to Eurostar X

    • Miss Darcy

      Sally, waiting to hear the next steps. Our vet is part of a group who has been petitioning the changes the last two years. The news is encouraging and never thought privately held Eurostar would give in to petitions but going via the government as an unlawful act of discrimination is a good avenue. Once we know the outcome, we will need everyone to help inundate Eurostar with letters. x

    • Sally

      That’s great. I couldn’t agree more

  2. Marie & Boo

    Trying not to get too excited about the Eurostar. Fingers and paws crossed.

  3. Tory Johnston

    Much as I would love to be able to travel with my dog on Eurostar I think you should all not get too excited about the prospect because the practicalities/cost will be a major factor. The problem is how to check the dogs before they enter the UK ! For the Shuttle, they only need the one area in Calais so if dogs don’t comply with the regulations they can’t cross the Channel. But the Eurostar would have to be able to control all dogs getting on any Eurostar train heading for the UK so would need ‘control stations’ in many different places – or have a special stop before the tunnel for that to be done which would not be practical at all ….
    Unless the control point were St. Pancras but if a dog were not OK, the person would have to leave the country again with the dog or put it in quarantine ?? So start thinking of ways to get round this problem and suggest them to Eurostar !!

    • Miss Darcy

      Hey Tory, this is run by a committee of influentials – including the people who campaigned for the Pet Passport. I was told that some leadership figure from Eurotunnel is involved – and he’s spearheading the DEFRA checks aspect of the logistics.

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