Country dog in the city

Jaffa used to live in London but she’s now a totally country dog.

These are the fields she gets to run in!

We totally get it when she was thrown into the whirlwind of our daily lives – as city dogs, she was less than impressed by our frenetic lifestyle.

We thought to let her tell her story …

Jaffa: I was dropped off at Love My Human along with Darcy and George for a groom. May picked us up and instead of going home, we headed towards, I thought Kensington Gardens, but alas we were not going into the park but instead, we walked into the lobby of The Milestone Hotel! There was a whole lot of other doggies there – I think we were celebrating Valentine’s Day.

With that going on, I didn’t get any treats as my tummy doesn’t agree with anything besides my Hypoallergenic food.

I hung out with Darcy. I really look up to her though she’s not particularly fond of me – but she’a like that really. It isn’t me.

Friday was a walk in the park.

I enjoyed our walks in Hyde Park – just like the old days with my Darcy and George – but its not the freedom of the country side.

Nothing like our garden in the countryside.

Me and Mini taking in some sun.

When the weekend came along, I found myself having to put on a jumper and strutted along with Darcy, George and Freddie for London Fashion Week.

Vogueing! Not sure about all this.

Lots of photographers taking our photos. And that was not all. We also met a lot of other very fashionable pooches – like more fashionable than Miss D!

Along with Freddie (with a new wardrobe change), Rebel, Miss D and Bella.

But the day wasn’t done yet. We went onto Islington to a doggy event.

Still posing but for a different reason.
These guys can keep posing the whole day! I was tired. I needed to lie down.

We soon left Islington and head back to Chelsea …

The four of us at The Phene for a Two Terrier Social Meet-up. So many doggies came into the pub – all breeds and sizes. We just sat in the banquette and watched the ongoings.

And then half way through my stay, I had one of my usual “sick” nights. I didn’t want my dinner the night before and during the night I got sick and again in the morning I threw up all over May’s study as I circled the room. Oops!

She’s aware of my sickness. I didn’t go to the park that day but I needed to eat grass. But you know it’s not easy to find grass walking along the pavements.

We were out and about when in the late afternoon, I started to throw up again – a lot of bile. May wasn’t sure if it was because I had not eaten sine the night before – but I really didn’t want any food. I started to make funny noises, and someone told May my heart was beating really fast – but, our hearts usually beat faster anyway than hoomans. That was not what May wanted to hear. She called the vet and rushed me in. We arrived at the vet just before it closed. They decided to give me an anti-sick injection. May held me and really I didn’t even know it had gone in and then as they were pulling out the needle I screamed murder!!!! And they all laughed because they thought it was funny. 🙁

I had a little bandage – to get the sympathy vote.
But that night I slept soundly.

I was fine after that and our daily activities did not stop.

We had more trips to restaurants – this time at Kurobuta
And just when I thought I had escaped Chinese New Year, I was told the on the last day of the new year celebrations, we had to dress up for the Lantern Festival. I wasn’t in the least thrilled.

What more are we doing? We had to go to an art exhibition?

More posing!

And more dressing up!

This city living is very confusing for me.

I was dreaming of fields of green, not just dressed in green.

On Saturday, we travelled outside of central London but still not far enough as we ended up in another restaurant in Richmond!

We saw fields to run – but we weren’t allowed! We had to return to central London!

On Sunday we met a lot of other doggies at the Hyde Park Doodle Meet.

By then, I think I really think it is time to go home to the countryside.

And I finally did! My dad, Tiggy and Titus came to take me home on Sunday! I was so excited to see them. It’s back to being a country girl again.

Back to running in the fields, hide in haystacks …

And this is truly when I am happiest!!!!

This is me, the true Jaffa! LOL!

May’s comment: Poor little Jaffa was probably so confused by the strange things we do as city dogs. Despite it all, she went along with us and in some cases better behaved than Darcy or George. She sat perfectly – just hated the clothes. LOL!

Even our park walks are not quite like running in the countryside.
We love Jaffa!

For all those cuddles and the pleasure of Jaffa’s company, we got the biggest bouquet of flowers!!! So unnecessary but very much appreciated.

Jaffa is part of our family. Love her to bits.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Poor little Jaffa! We wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told us her story! She was doing great posing with the rest of the doggies as far as we readers could tell! She looked cute in her different wardrobes! Sorry she was feeling ill some of that time! It is good she is back on the farm!

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