Life’s Scrapbooks

The final leg of our journey begins …

IMG_1931At check-out

IMG_1936At Gare du Nord

IMG_1937Boarding the train to Calais

IMG_1943At Calais Ville we were met by Patrick. He took us to the Pet Control Area at the Eurotunnel crossing where we showed my passport and had my microchip checked.

IMG_1942Then for a quick relief at the Pet Exercise Area (but Mummy had to wait till she got on the train!)

IMG_1950We got on very quickly and after a long 35 minutes we came out on the other side!

IMG_1954Then it was onto Folkestone West to catch our train back to St Pancras International – where our journey began.

It was a weekend where we journeyed together, we spent precious times with friends and we shared moments to add to our memories in life’s scrapbook. And we were both enlightened.

P.s. No muzzle required! Thank goodness!

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