Just another Dorset day

When we woke up this morning and looked out the bedroom window,

we saw the little lambs playing in the field!

What a lovely way to start the day!

Today’s plan: to walk up Win Hill to see that famous “cathedral of trees”. We’re also meeting Nicola and her doggies. Mum and I went to stay with Nicola when I was just a pup. I remember Tally and Bonsai bullied me then – but they’re much older now and maybe they’d be calmer and nicer. Besides we are a pack – we are four so I am well armed!!! Heh! Heh!

There it is – the “Cathedral of Trees!”
And this is the view from Win Green Hill – how beautiful it is.
That’s the compass map of what you can see from the point.
This is what it looked like standing in the middle of the cluster of trees
And then we were eight! Blaze, George, Bonsai, Hebe, Lola, Tally, me – somewhere in there is Bobbin
That’s Tally – he bullied me the last time we met but he’s about 15 now and didn’t even bother me – and I’ve grown too!
Meet Lola – who recently had six puppies! I think we’ll meet them in the next few days.
So off we went walking – all eight dogs!
Hurry up, Mum! Hebe, Blaze, Bobbin, Tally, me, Bonsai, Lola and George is with Mum.
We walked along the hill side – George tightly on a leash. He loved all the smells and would have undoubtedly done a runner! No chance was he getting off leash.
We could see the Isle of Wight from where we were. On a clear day, you can even see the Needles!

After our walk, we had plans to go to The Kitchen Garden at Pyt House but along the way, we saw this muddied guy wandering the Donhead St Mary’s country roads! We stopped to pick him up – checked his tag and called his owner. No one answered the calls – so we located his post code and proceeded to take him back to his home on Hook Farm!

As we drove up, we saw his owner and handed him over – and learnt his name is Nelson!
He sure did wander off quite a way from his home!

Mum was starving by then – so we hurried over to The Kitchen Garden at The Pyt House.

LOVE the spread
Anything for me?

May’s comment: I guess this was just another day in the country. A bit of an adventure and then ending up at The House Kitchen.

Really lovely place and the food was excellent!


  1. Valerie

    What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sara Cormack

    How wonderful, I have ‘t Been to Win Hill since I was a teenager! I think a trip should be planned for me and the dogs. Colette might need a carry!

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