Just to say thank you

A hero is someone who walks voluntarily into the unknown.” (Tom Hanks)

A very sad thing happened not so far from where we live.  We heard the sirens in the middle of the night but we didn’t know why. The next morning we heard the tragic news of how so many lives were lost when a 24-storey building was burnt to a crisp.

The building isn’t so far away from where we live, and we have met some of the brave firemen men who were there that night from our neighbourhood London Fire Brigade.

Today as we were walking down Kings Road, we decided to knock on their door –to say “thank you” for doing their best to save lives. And to all the medics who are working to help those who have been badly hurt.

May’s comment: We heard the sirens on Wednesday morning as Kensington is not so far away from us. These days whenever I hear more than one siren, I would google Breaking News. It was past 1am in the morning – and I read that a building is on fire in West London. Ah, I thought, that explained the sound of the fire engines and fell asleep. The next morning when I turned on the usual morning news, I was horrified to hear that the building on fire had turned into a towering inferno.

It was a tragedy of unbelievable grief. London is in mourning again in less than three months. 

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