Just when you think you know this city …

Kim invited us to an early supper at Mercato Metropolitano – in an area we are unfamiliar with.

It’s dog-friendly and so we shall venture out!!! We arrived – and wondered where we were.Ah, along came Kim and Chaplin – who told us we were going in the wrong way.Chaplin led us into the entrance …And there was even a bus where they grown their own veggies for the restaurants!And as we entered the space further, we saw a whole higgledy-piggledy of food stalls – a large variety of cuisine – and dogs were completely most welcomed.In fact we were accosted by some very excitable diners who stopped us in our tracks and went, “Ciao, ciao! Che bellisima!” We managed to get away from all the fondling and the fuss. 🙂

There were so many choices.  I think Mummy was overwhelmed. Kim suggested pizza for the first-timer ….I had some crusts – and was looking for more. Alas, all consumed!

May’s comment: London is spreading further east and south. Like most people, I don’t usually venture very far from where we live when in London, but when friends suggest dog-friendly places, well, I just have to go check it out. And as Kim promised, Mercato Metropolitano is epic!

And so it was. Wow! Street food, food stalls – whatever they are, of vast variety, well mostly European, scattered in 45,000 sq ft of industrial space close to Elephant and Castle.  I was hungry but not that hungry – but we will definitely go back and check it out again.

Located at 42 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DR. Definitely a return – with an empty stomach and a big appetite!


Oh, and just as we thought we were leaving to get back north of the river, Kim wanted to show us where Chaplin goes swimming. Swimming? Where? We walked along, very curious.

Oh, we’ve been here before – at Tate Modern.And then we went down the steps from the embankment … and there was a beach!!!  Chaplin headed straight to the water – of the River Thames!I went to check it out.

Eventually I ventured into the water alongside Chaplin.Hmmm. This is all new to me –wading in the River Thames –what every Londoner should do, I suppose.

Refreshed and excited from the experience, I went crazy! Running and trying to get George to play but Mummy wouldn’t let him off the leash!

I was having a blast! Running and rubbing my back on the sand. And I could hear Mummy’s mind churning with concerns – How the heck are we going to get home? Wet dog in taxi?!?!?!  She is so not chilled. This had been such a fun experience, and I discovered that if I laid down on the pebbly part of the beach it’s cooler.Mummy thought something had happened to me –What? I was just having a rest.

But the shadows were starting to grow longer. It was already past eight pm and Mummy said, gotta go home to watch Poldark. What?!?!?! I was just starting to have fun with my new friend, Chaplin.

Then another idea crossed Mummy’s mind. Can we take the boat along the river to get back to Chelsea? Yes, of course, Kim said. We walked towards the nearest bridge to see if that’s where the Thames Clippers stopped.Chaplin showed me the way down the ramp.And we sat and waited for the next boat to come by. The sun was definitely inching closer to the horizon.Mummy was a little anxious about how this will all work.You know she was because she forgot to take photos of the Thames Clippers as it pulled up. I think she was more concerned about getting on and off.

We got on easily and found ourselves a seat.On weekends, the boat didn’t go further than Westminster.On week days, they go all the way to the Chelsea Pier, and we could have walked back home from there. Now we know. Another from of travelling through London!Who knew!!!

May’s comment: Learnt a few new things – and wow, this has completely added to my perspective of London. We are going to take the Thames Clippers – so dog friendly!!! back to Mercato Metropolitano and then go for a day on the beach!

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