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Thank goodness, we have a new delivery of food – No George, don’t worry. We’re just pretending you came in the Honey’s box. We won’t be skinning you any time, but if Mummy leaves it too late, and I am without food, well, we’ll have to re-consider.

But for now, thankfully, our freezer drawer is full again!Hooray!

May’s comment: After a tumultuous start with vet visits every six weeks, I finally gave in to the idea of feeding raw – reluctantly. Yuck! Bloody, inconvenient for travel. Yup! All that but it sure beats taking Darcy to the vet every six weeks when her stools starts to change from soft to complete liquid and blood! And we come away with some prescribed antibiotics and some vet prescribed (rather expensive) canned dog food that seems to settle her stomach. Three days later she’s back to normal. We go back to the dry kibbles – the best I could find in the market – and the pattern repeats itself weeks later. Was it a bug she picked up or was it just her stomach did not take to kibbles?

As dog owners we discuss our dog stools when walking in the park – exchanging their state of health. Again and again I heard – go raw. It took me two years and many vet bills along the way before I decided to give it a try on Darcy’s second birthday. Since then no more vet visits because of runny tummy! We were recommended Honey’s Real Dog Food as I didn’t know anything else. I liked that their meats are 100% organic, free range or wild. All their ingredients are fresh, British and suitable for human consumption. I started reading articles on sites like PuppyWire and it was then that I learnt that there were other raw food brands.

As for George, he came to me with skin discolouring, thin hair and skinny. Today he is thriving, bulked up and most amazingly his discolouring had regained colour. He no longer has a part pink lower lip. Was it the food he ate that made him what he is today? We are what we eat, they say about humans. It must hold true for dogs too.

But we travel often and sometimes far. For long weekends I can bring a couple of Honey’s with me in a container. But when we go for longer periods, well, we had to adapt to find what other foods out there could work for us – besides room service! Or going to the local butcher or supermarket and buying organic minced meat or free-range chicken breasts and adding finely chopped up carrots. That worked when we were able to.

One time when we went to Germany, we tried B.A.R.F. diet specially bought for us by a friend. Strangely, Darcy just wouldn’t eat it. Amazing for a dog who is food-crazy. But George of course gulped it all down, his and Darcy’s.

So the search began to find a travel option that was not only nutritious but also not going to harm my two pooches, as in, they don’t have terrible runs while we’re on the road.

I have learnt to become a lot more aware of dog food ingredients as mentioned on packages. I am usually “suspicious” when they say “meat content”. So in our search, we came across this guide to dog food ingredients as a good one to follow.

We may have chosen to go raw but it is not for everyone. I resisted it for a long time. I was so put off by the idea of it. Since then we have trialled alternatives along the way. It wasn’t ideal. I prefer not to change their food but for the purpose of travel, we needed something that would work.

We checked out De-hydrated – sounds like a good option. We tried two different brands and both Darcy and George reacted terribly. Within meals, their tummies have changed – and I don’t really know why. It’s suppose to be real meat content that had been freeze dried.

I tried my hardest to avoid Dry – I can’t imagine anything nutritional can be kept for so long without any preservatives.

We tried other pre-packaged Raw options but after a day, one of them smelled really bad and it worried me. The other was Cotswolds Raw which worked for us when trialled but they were equally difficult to use for long travels .

But we stumbled upon a Wet food that had all the promise of a super-food and on trial, both pooches liked it (let’s forget this factor – they both love to eat – anything!) and their stools stayed firm, not as firm as when feeding Honey’s but it was fine. That was The Rockster. So we tend to travel with them.

Hope this is helpful when considering food for your dogs.

The above charts are from – a US based site so a lot of their food recommendations are not relevant for the UK. I had highlighted just the chart to help recognise dog food ingredients and the pros and cons when choosing dog food.



  1. Jill Keiser

    I wish Honey’s and The Rockster were available in North Carolina!

  2. Alicia

    I can’t handle buying or preparing raw meat for me. I don’t think I could mess with it on a daily basis. 😷

    • Miss Darcy

      I didn’t either and I resisted it for two years, but I was desperate on what to do with Darcy’s constant runny tummy. Now it doesn’t phase me any more. It’s not for everyone and everyone should do what they think is best.

  3. Cheryl

    Try land of holistic pets. Finest food you can feed your dogs

  4. Mark

    I was recommended this website to see what is in the food you are feeding or considering.

    Of coarse every dog is different and what works for one dog might not work for another.

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