Lasering George

Mummy’s often been concerned with George’s “luxating patella” – she doesn’t like how he hobbles around when he runs. He doesn’t seem to be in much pain but many have mentioned it as it is quite apparent.

A few weeks ago, Mummy and I went to a launch event for County Canine, and met Dr. Marvin J. Firth, the doggy chiropractor.  Immediately, on hearing the treatment he had done for dogs, Mummy decided it was time to check out George’s state of affair.

Dr. Firth does house calls and he came earlier today to meet George. I remembered him from our social event.But he didn’t come to see me.  It was George he came to see. As Dr. Firth is associated with Kynance Vet, he had George’s details, so it was easy to get going with the consultation.

We did bring up his episodes of bile and he was very curious about Mr. Slobberchops that Mummy gave him to help with his digestion.

But it was George’s luxating patella that was being discussed. He assessed George’s walking pattern and saw that his spine has a right hind curve.

George had his first chiropractor session.

And he sat still the whole time whole Dr. Firth manipulated his spine, stretched his legs and massaged his muscles.

I was feeling a bit left out of all that was going on.

He couldn’t believe his luck that someone was giving him all that attention (and we had been at the hairdressers earlier in the day and he was held and hugged and carried!).

Dr. Firth suggested we should use the laser on his back to ease the tightness of his muscles where his spine is curved.

Lucky George gets the laser treatment.

Recommendation for George:

  • To continue with normal exercise – incorporating sit-stand exercise, stairs, cavaletti (small obstacles) and possibly intermittent water treadmill.  This would be interesting as George hesitates even going over tresholds – how do we get him over small obstacles?  And we know he doesn’t like water! LOL!
  • To consider the use of joint supplement e.g. YuMove or Nutraquin.

May’s comment: Worthwhile consultation. While he does not require surgery at this stage, we are going through preventative measures to avoid his luxating patella becoming an arthritic problem. We’ll do another consultation in a few months to keep things in check.

I also inquired about Darcy’s cracking back when she stretches in the mornings. Was informed that it’s basically air – just like when we crack our knuckles. Again if it continues it could become arthritic. Possible joint supplements for her too for 4-6 weeks and see if it improves.

Here’s more about County Canine that might interest you – Dr. Marvin Firth – The Doggy Chiropractor

Dr. Marvin Firth practices at Canine Chiropractic, Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic, 55 Elizabeth Street, SW1W , 07738 267 822



  1. So lovely to see you Miss Darcy and Master George! It was a pleasure treating you and looking forward to monitoring how you are over the next few months. Give the obstacles a go…they aren’t too scary and I know you can do it!

  2. Cheryl

    Very impressive, especially George’s behavior. He was such a good boy with all that was being done to him! Though I think I could use that treatment for my back. Hmm, I’ll have to see if something like that is available for humans!
    Enjoy the weekend!

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