Left to Die

OK! Mummy was upset again last night. Speaking of humans being treated like dogs, well she saw a really sad video about a dog left to die in a heap of trash.

Mummy said – if or when she wins the lottery, she knows what she will be doing with her win. Let’s hope she does!!!

May’s comment: Found this video on a site called Life With Dogs (http://www.lifewithdogs.tv). It’s about Miley who was rescued from abandonment in a trash heap in Los Angeles. She was hungry, sick and in pain but after she was rescued by Hope for Paws – she met another little rescue dog, Frankie who was found in a drain pipe and is afraid of everything and everyone. But soon Miley and Frankie became friends.

A real tear jerker … but we hope for happy endings for them.

Learning about Hope for Paws.  So glad that there are people like them, like RSPCA who are on the look out for badly treated pooches and other animals.

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