Let the truth be told

So Little Tyke’s sister, Mini Tyke – she met Impostor too.  She politely said “hello!”IMG_0502 And every time she got close to Impostor, she wants to see what it was all about.IMG_0505And Mummy stops her just in time.IMG_0437Then on day she wanted to have a chat with Mummy.IMG_0618 She said, “There’s something you should know.”IMG_0602 She said, “If you look behind “Darcy” a.k.a. Impostor,IMG_0601“… you’ll see there’s nothing there! It’s just a white backing with no waggy tail.”IMG_0612“See for yourself,” she says.IMG_0614 “You know what I mean, Aunty May?”IMG_0613So Mini Tyke – she tells it like it is.  Everyone pretends and says Impostor is so cute and what a great idea that Mummy had Impostor with her. Mini Tyke says – she’s just a cut-out cardboard of Darcy!  And she’s right!!!IMG_0618

May’s comment: Oh well, someone was going to call me out on this.IMG_0633

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