Let’s get fit!

Kaydo and I had a meeting at dog-friendly Pennethorne’s at Somerset House with the hoomans from Felcana about a keep fit product.

George came along for cuddles.

I was inspired! I can’t wait to start wearing this Felcana Go pet activity monitor. It will track and monitor my activity levels as well as rest patterns.

This way, it will help Mum figure out how much exercise I need to keep my weight at a certain level which is best for me.

I felt I had to start doing push-ups!

Mum wants me not just looking svelte but also healthy.

Maybe it could encourage Mum to exercise with me. 😉

Felcana has recruited quite a few of us to trial the monitor – this way they can start build their database of the different breeds – dogs of all sizes and level of activities.

I am taking this very seriously. We have a job to do, Kaydo.

Also with the build up of data, as in my data – Mum can also check if for some reason I am not my usual self, she can see my level of activity and able to share the information with the vet.

Maybe Charlie Brown could monitor Snoopy’s activities but he’s always sleeping on his doghouse!

But in the future, we will also be able to add George to the App. It can track multiple monitors. At the moment we rather he not run around too much because we’re not quite sure what’s wrong with his leg.

Darcy and George at dog-friendly Pennethorne’s at Somerset House.
The tracking device is called the Helix – it is on!!! All systems go!

May’s comment: We’ve been contemplating about a keep fit product – really to see how much Darcy’s weight can fluctuate – from 9.5 to 10.5kg. And especially when we travel, we want to keep her weight down.

So when Felcana Go asked if we would be interested to learn about their product, we were more than keen. They asked us to trial and give feedback.

We don’t usually feature products on our blog except when we are excited about something – and this is bigger than just promoting a product. For the goodness of what it promises to do – to understand us better as breeds or species, the level of exercise that each breed requires to keep fit, and how much water we consume or just how much sleep. All this to build a picture of understanding – and also to keep track of our activities and observe any abnormalities. We’re happy to help build up database and in turn bring information to the vet community.

What is Felcana?

Felcana is an intelligent pet care start-up based in London who are propelling pet care to the next digital level. Founded by vets, they’re combining artificial intelligence, data analytics and veterinary telemedicine to help predict, simplify and treat over 90% of health issues for dogs and cats. Felcana gives owners a new way to connect with their pets. They’re bringing powerful technology and personalised experiences to owners, vets and insurers to digitally advance and improve animal health and welfare. They’re using the latest technologies to give vets the data they need to make quicker diagnoses when pets get ill.

Felcana products collect over a billion data points about each pet per year to help owners keep their pets as healthy as possible. Their products themselves are thoughtfully developed to combine pet comfort and wearability with beautiful design elements. Controlled via a mobile app, Felcana integrates robust data that tracks and monitors activity and behavioural patterns, helping owners understand what is ‘normal’ for their pet.

What is Felcana Go and what does it do?

  • Felcana Go is a pet activity monitor that accurately tracks and monitors the activity levels and rest patterns of dogs and cats, to help owners understand what is ‘normal’ for their pet.
  • Trusted by vets and designed in London, Felcana Go gives owners an accurate measurement of their pet’s fitness levels and daily calorie expenditure to help owners better manage their pet’s weight.
  • Present these insights as clear and simple visuals in our mobile app
  • Weighing less than a pound coin, Felcana Go attaches easily to any collar of harness and is the only pet activity monitor suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. Also features an LED light that you as owners can turn on and off using the Felcana app to find your pet in the dark.
  • Waterproof and bite-resistant

Benefits of using Felcana Go:

  • To manage obesity
  • To ensure your pet gets the right level of exercise
    • Go Fetch, Go Run, Go Play, Go Swim
  • To find your dog in the dark (features an LED light that you turn on and off using your phone)
  • To get the perfect diet for your dog
  • Clinical capabilities- To identify early signs of changes in activity levels that could be an early sign of a health issue (80% of elderly dogs get arthritis – pets don’t voice their discomfort until the pain is severe and it’s too late – use Felcana Go to get your pet to the vet when necessary rather than waiting until it’s too late)
  • To be the best pet owner you can be

Summary of key features:

  • 24/7 Activity monitoring
  • LED light for night-time walks
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats (even chihuahuas)
  • Durable, waterproof and bite-resistant – built using state-of-the-art components
  • Super lightweight – weighs less than 8g – your pet won’t even know it’s there
  • Over 14 day battery life
  • Designed in London
  • Felcana Go is the only activity monitor that pet owners need to track their dog and cat’s fitness.

The Helix has been charged and fixed onto Darcy’s collar. The only thing is she does have to wear her collar the whole time. Really keen to trial this, especially to see the difference when we’re travelling and when we’re at home.

This is a product feature and we’re not paid to to do this.


  1. Alison Wood

    This sounds great. Will be great to hear how it goes.

  2. Jill Keiser

    Darcy — You will be a great tester for this system! You are so active each day and on the go!

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