Little Tyke on a mission

We weren’t allowed to go but Mummy wanted to show Little Tyke that there are many dogs that have no homes to go to.IMG_3627 But as they were not allowed to take photographs of dogs in the kennels, they took pictures of all the dog statues!IMG_3629Just as you enter the reception, there is a bronze statue of a boxer created by Rudy Weller who based the sculpture on his boxer dog Ben who died aged 8 of a brain tumour.

Just inside the lobby is this little guyIMG_3630 This was presented to The Dogs Home by Kathleen Stone Sorley to give pleasure to the visitors and staff. She raised the funds by running the 1994 London Marathon.IMG_3631Also at the entrance is Buster Elvis Savage, a sculpture of Paul O’Grady’s dog – in recognition of his work at the charity and his appointment as an ambassador. Buster died in 2009.

There was yet another dog statue – this one without a plaque, no name and no association.  The statue was sitting by itself outside. In many ways, like the dogs that arrive at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.IMG_3628Found alone, abandoned, without a name – hard to believe that you can find strays in London but it seems they do.  And Little Tyke met one – Tilly, a four year old greyhound IMG_3614He wasn’t so sure about Tilly because he’s a lot bigger than me or George but once he realised how sweet and gentle Tilly is, Little Tyke started giving her treats. IMG_3619 And Tilly, like us, wanted more. Little Tyke had to turn out his pockets to show there weren’t any!IMG_3620 But Tilly … hmmm, she’s interested in other matters! LOL!!!!  IMG_3618Be careful Little Tyke!

Photo opps continues – IMG_3624Nope, that’s not a real dog either!IMG_3622 Nor this! IMG_3621Well done, Little Tyke!

May’s comment: Just wanted to show Sasha that not all dogs belong to a family or have a home. He was a little nervous with the bigger dogs but the staff at Battersea were very reassuring and gave him confidence to approach them.

We did not see a lot of them as there’s a case of kennel cough so many of them have been isolated.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is UK’s oldest and most famous animal rescue centres – rescuing and rehoming dogs and cats since 1860. Doing a great job.  We visited the original, located at 4 Battersea Park Rd, London SW8 4AA. They have two other branches.

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