Caged Up (The Dog Rescuers – Episode 9)

We had a double whammy tonight – two series of The Dog Rescuers.

Another story about a dog living in horrific conditions. This time Trigger, a year old Staffordshire bull terrier was locked up in a small cage – obvious by the length of his nail. And no water to drink.



When the RSPCA officer who took him away from his owner, it became apparent that Trigger’s coat was stained yellow by sitting in his own urine. But because he had attacked once before, it’s questionable whether he can be re-homed. He was taken to an animal behaviourist who worked with him to be re-homed.


And within six weeks, Trigger found himself a new home – a doting owner who renamed him Stavros.


IMG_7693Thanks to RSPCA’s intervention, Stavros can now experience a normal life.

The next story had an amazing result.

Smokey and his owner lived in squalid conditions. His owner was given a serious warning as there were all sorts of objects that could be harmful for Smokey. It is the responsibility of the owner to provide a clean and safe environment.


The beauty of this story – the owner loved Smokey so much, he turned himself around and made a huge difference for himself and his dog.


The RSPCA was alerted to a dog abandoned in a local park on a sunny day.  Ace, a staffie-cross was tied to a bench in the sun. A concerned member of the public and fellow dog owner called the RSPCA and then took the dog under a shade to wait for the officer to arrive.


The dog was called Ace. He seemed in good health.  The officer did set off to find the culprit but could not find him – and Ace was not microchipped.  It’s probably better for Ace to never go back to his owner again!


More later …

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