Summer time in London

We’ve had some divine weather in London the past couple of weeks.

And everything we love about London just looks so much better …The National Gallery and St. Martin-in-the-Fields ChurchThe mermaids, dolphins and tritons fountains of Trafalgar Square – so tempted to have a drink!And Admiral Nelson perched on the column – he’s so high up, he’s out of focus.The Admiralty Arch at the far end of the The Mall …Did you know that The Mall is coloured red to give the effect of a giant red carpet leading up to Buckingham Palace?

We were there just in time for changing of the guards at Buckingham PalaceBetter step aside to let them pass.So many tourists as always and the beautiful gardens in front of the palace.Time to get on the iconic London bus! Next stop – Tower of London – from afar!We walked across the Tower BridgeLoving the coloursCrossing the bridgeWe’re past half way pointAnd once on the other side, we walked down the stairsAnd looked back at it.
And the skyline of the City of LondonUnderneath the bridge, we found some vaultsIdeal for photo ops!We didn’t have time to visit the dog-friendly Tower Bridge Museum as we hurried off back to St. James Park to meet up with friendsFor a little run
And a group photo of … George, me, Barnaby and CocoWe don’t come here often enough …St. James’s Park is lovely.

What a glorious day we’ve had – blue skies, sunshine, friends to enjoy the day with – and seeing all the beautiful sights of London!  When the skies turn grey and the days are cold, let’s all remember these summer says we’ve had. The sun does shine on England and we have heat waves.

And then Mummy had an idea. This summer there’s no Little Tyke and his sister Mini Tyke. Normally by now, we would be deep in activities showing Little Tyke and Mini Tyke all the sights of London. We do miss them.

So we thought that just in case they forget what a beautiful city London is, we are going to make him a picture book of the city we enjoy – so Mummy can take it with her when she goes to visit them in August.

May’s comment: Found POPSA – an easy to use App on the phone to make picture books!!!! I used to make lots of scrapbooks a long time ago and have never successfully transferred to photo books – took too much time. But this Popsa App – is super easy – if I can do it, anyone can!!! Trialing the first one and will share it when it arrives!!!

So we’re putting together our first book to take with me for Sasha and Skye when I go to visit them in August. Remembering the beautiful sunshine and summer days of London!

Photos courtesy of Cristina Ulessi of @LonDog – thank you!



  1. Davina Lawrence

    How are you keeping cool Darcy

  2. Cheryl

    Your photos are wonderful! We so miss London! Summer in London is the best.

  3. Jill Green

    I was really expecting Darcy to look round to you and say “Stop talking gMummy, I’m trying to watch the television!”

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