Making Mummy LOL!

Do you think Mummy’s happy to have us altogether again? LOL! 

We’ve heard all of Mummy’s stories and it was our turn to tell Mummy ours.

At the House of Mutt, I had plenty of company …img_0576Amongst them, a few happy fan-like tails …img_6583Of the poodle cross type!img_6589 We ran through woodsimg_0563In the evenings we hung out together by the fire.img_6603On the morning of my departure, img_6594-1Sarah took me on an early runimg_6595And I made the most of it …img_6581I have enjoyed my time at House of Mutt. img_6597But all good things must come to an end.

While I ran and played in the Suffolk countryside, George spent a few days with his best mate, Stanley and then he had a few days with his girlfriend, Jaffa.fullsizeoutput_439Georgie, you’re showing your shih-tzu teeth in this picture!  And a very stern face. Crikey!

So here we are altogether again … including Impostor who took my place! Grump!img_0250May’s comments: Having a good laugh because the friend taking the photo was making the funniest noises trying to get the dogs to look at her.img_0248We had a good cuddle last night – just me and my pooches.

With no family commitments, I have always travelled whenever I wanted to.  And after an exceptionally good holiday, I always felt really sad when it all came to an end – and it was back to the humdrum of daily life.

Since the pooches came into my life, they have curbed my footloose and fancy-free style.  My holidays were planned around them. These days I have two types of holidays – doggy holidays and Mummy-only trips.  Doggy holidays means discovering a lot of the UK beaches (and there was a lot we didn’t know about), travelling the breadth of the European continent and so far our one-off trip to New York.  It takes a lot of planning finding dog-friendly hotels and places where we can go to eat.

And then there are just Mummy holidays. However those trips have become shorter and less frequent because I couldn’t leave them with anyone for too long.

And as much as I like my time away, I find myself missing them when I wake up in the mornings. I look for them on the bed and I miss their snuggles.  When I get out of bed, there’s no flurry of activities. And there are no faces of great anticipation when I am sitting on the toilet and they wanting their morning hugs – and breakfast! No longer feeling sad returning home after a fabulous time away, I board the flight home with great anticipation – planning their return, planning their pick-ups, looking forward to their wagging tails and excited jumps – and most of all to cuddles.

They make coming home worthwhile.  🙂


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