Puzzling Days

So everyday, Mummy thinks we should have some mental exercises besides our walks and playdates.

I’m not sure if it’s mentally driven or sheer force of determination driven by our sniffers. Well, I should speak for myself  as I get to the treats very quickly!IMG_0151Mummy complains that it takes her longer to put the treats in than for me to get to them.

George too has gone up one level of difficulty. Mummy now puts those white bone-shaped stoppers into that puzzle.IMG_0152He has to remove them before he can rotate the puzzle to get to the treats.IMG_0153But he did it! And I’m waiting – What next?

New puzzles? Yay! That means more treats! But harder ones? Level 2-3!?!??!?!

Man! Are you serious?  IMG_0201Why can’t I move those squares like the wooden puzzle? This Dog Brick Toy isn’t so straight forward.IMG_0196 I give up! It’s too hard.IMG_0197But Mummy wouldn’t let me give up. She said – move the white bone-shaped covers.

Oh, I see! Topple the white bones first!IMG_0202 Then you can move the squares – and voila! Treats!IMG_0203 Now what is this? A whole tray of bones?IMG_0199Is this what you mean?IMG_0208The Dog Finder toy isn’t so hard after all. Topple them and slide the next one.

And still another new toy? Mummy’s gone mad! LOL! IMG_0209This Dog Treat Maze is easy! Wonder what George will make of these!

May’ comment:  The ones we have are too easy for Darcy so ordered some new ones from Nina Ottoson. Good to see Miss D working them out and getting to the treats in due time. Didn’t take her long but these are definitely more challenging.  Great to see them work at it but thinking about the amount of treats they’re getting each day. Must try and find teeny not so fattening treats.

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