Masterpieces in the Pink Room

For a few months now,  Mummy was in a mood for change.She refurbished the kitchen and now we have a black kitchen. The bedroom was a shade of green but she wasn’t totally happy with it, so she changed the walls to a sage green. And the once grey hallway is now teal! As for the purple study, well, she had a pink moment – and now we have a pink room – two shades of pink. A fuchsia pink and then a calamine pink! And on that calamine pink wall – the previous art gallery grew to fill the whole wall …The latest additions are by Little Tyke and Mini Tyke –Remember when they painted us at Art Class?  Mummy couldn’t wait to have them framed and added to our collection.

Don’t you think they are just as expressive and stunning as all the other pieces done by established artists, art students and the likes of

May’s comment: Once upon a time I thought it was daft to have portraits of your dogs. Well, I am pretty “daft” these days!  But I am loving our gallery wall. It started with one painting of Darcy by Sara Abbottthe first artist who showed me how beautiful a dog portrait could be. I loved how she depicted the eyes of the dogs she painted – and we chose this position because I love how Darcy looks up at me. with her big brown eyes. When George joined our family, Sara painted one of George too.We are honoured to have met Sally Muir at Anthropologie’s  charity events – where she did 15 min sketches. We think this is the first time she had done a cockapoo! Since then we’ve had two more from Sally.

And we rather like this new addition to our collection -a line drawing by Camilla – our own “Abbey Road.”

They’re not all paintings and drawings. This is a free-hand machine sewing portrait …

by Art Sea Craft SeaAnd a friend made this mirrored display box with the German word “Affenliebe” which translates into “monkey love” – with  3D printed figures of me and my pooches reflecting  the mirror.The figurines were printed at Levavo LimitedAnd we even had a sketch of friends – Barnaby, Freddie and Darcy at Smith & WhistleThere are a lot more …But Sasha and Skye’s drawings – totally belong on this wall. And it looks like there’s room for maybe a few more …


  1. Kathy

    I just love the pictures May! You and the dogs are so photogenic. I would love a room with my dogs picture. Well in this way it would be 2 cats and a dog.

  2. Alison Mullett

    I love your gallery!!

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