So what’s three when you have two?

When Mummy takes the three of us out for our morning relief, she has to keep mental track of who has and who has yet to pee or poo. LOL!You can rely on the boys George and Churchill to pee immediately at the first lamp-post or tree trunk and then after, it seems, every twenty steps we take.  George is the leader. He decides where he wants to pee and if Mummy doesn’t pull Churchill out of the way, he probably will get pee’d on by George. Churchill, doing a rather balletic pose, follows suit. He pees a whole puddle and then he steps in it – much to the horror of Mummy.

Me, I have to find the right spot. Preferably on a pile of leaves, which is a little more difficult at this time of year. So I do what I was taught during the time I was in NYC – “Off the curb!” Come Autumn, I will have choices galore!

As for our Number 2 – well, it depends. Sometimes I do a #2 before a #1. The boys (aptly named) who pees for all of England, George will suddenly start pulling and start going backwards, then do one twirl and squats. Churchill gives no indication. He just suddenly squats. Maybe Mummy has not picked up his body language yet. I have a very distinctive plod when I am about to do a #2. I plod, plod, plod, my wavy curls bouncing with each determined step. Then I stop.But all this activity first thing in the morning is like mental gymnastics for Mummy. She has to keep a tally on who’s done what just in case she misses one. When it’s just George and I, well, it’s just four things to keep tally of. With Churchill, she has to keep track of six things. And we don’t do it in sequence either.

May’s comment: And another lead to get tangled up. Is it harder with three? Of course it is especially when it is just one pair of hands, three piles of poo to pick up, three mouths to feeds …

But you also get three bodies to snuggle up with every night. It’s been a pleasure having Churchill stay with us and it will be difficult to see him go …


  1. Laura Cordovano

    May I have a lead that is one leash but attached to two dogs. It’s like a Y.. its been a big help . The tangling of the leashes drives me crazy too. Only because I’m afraid I’ll drop a leash while trying to untangle and then one of them will run off…3 is definitely a challenge! Xo

  2. Cathy Nesbitt

    I was going to write the same as Laura, but you can get them in triples as well.
    My two have been on a double “split lead” since I got the second as a puppy, and actually prefer to walk together now. It’s so good only having one lead to hold, and I’ve just got a small 80cm lead as it has added length with the coupler.
    Here’s the triple….

  3. Margaret Danks

    …is he going? 😢

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