Moving in the right direction …

It’s Impostor’s last day at Koh Samui, Thailand which means she and Mummy are making their way back to England …

can’t wait!

Impostor spent some time with my BFF, Little Tyke IMG_4570as well as Mini Tyke!

Little Tyke is very good at pretending that Impostor is real. 🙂IMG_4580Because as you can tell, he knows that Impostor is just a 2D of meIMG_4576 As he held Impostor in the air with just one hand. LOL!IMG_4579And for a moment, we weren’t sure if Mummy was not coming home with more than Impostor. They went to visit Soi Dog in Phuket. Uh-oh!IMG_4769And then she met this little guy called “Sweetness” on a construction site.IMG_4816Thankfully she belongs to one of the workers and Mummy wasn’t allowed to have her!  Phew! It could have been a little crowded back in our little flat in London.

And the other good news is – not only is Mummy and Impostor making their way home – so is Little Tyke and Mini Tyke. They are coming to London over Spring break!!!!! Yay! So next week, George and I will be seeing them both. We haven’t seen them since August last year.

May’s comment: Been a lovely week spending time with Sasha and his sister, Skye at their home in Koh Samui.IMG_4869But it’s time to head back home – IMG_5060but not before stopping over in Hong Kong and Taipei!


  1. Liz

    Travel safely May.

  2. Annie and Andrew

    So looking forward to looking after your babies , will send pictures of all the fun ! Happy shopping.

  3. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Safe journey home I foresee a very busy spring break ahead with two “tykes” and and your little doggy army too. Such excitement to cope with plus all of that chocolate too.. lol. Xx

  4. Alison Mullett

    Safe journey home! I know two little fur babies who’ll be over the moon to see you!
    Great to hear Little Tyke and Mini Tyke are visiting UK too!

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