Muffin, we have arrived!

After a seamless flight from Vienna to Zürich, we are back on more familiar tracks – the train.img_7499After landing in Zürich, we took a local train from the airport to the main train station. We then took another train from the train station to Lugano.  As the train headed south, we saw some really pretty views.img_7502 But it was a long train ride – about three hoursimg_7504I started to get bored, wondering when we were ever going to stop travellingimg_7505 Finally we arrived in Lugano!img_7507After a short drive, thankfully we arrived not at another hotel but at Muffin’s houseimg_7645Muffin used to come to our cockapoo meets in London, but she and her family had just moved to Lugano.

She couldn’t wait to show me the view from the top floor of their house
img_7509“That’s Lago di Lugano!” said Muffinimg_7656Wow! Muffin. That sure is a beautiful view!img_7508I have never seen anything like this before.

Muffin’s mummy, Marianne thought it would be a good idea to take a little walk around the neighbourhood after the train ride.
img_7510 And we found the Herman Hesse Museum – went in to ask if dogs were allowed in. We thought just maybe because they had a dog bowl outside –img_7511But of course not.

The rules are very strict on Switzerland.  There’s signage everywhere in where we cannot poo and where we are not allowed. And we have to be on a leash the whole time we are out.img_7512And they have poo bag dispensers in various locations just in case. img_7679That is pretty considerate so we should be equally considerate – and relief ourselves as told.

May’s comment: After a morning of travel – taxi, plane, train and car – so happy to arrive at a friend’s home – had been staying in hotels since last week Thursday so this is a welcome change. And now to discover Lugano!  This time I know I have never been to Lugano – unlike Vienna where I thought I had only been there once, I’ve actually been to all those places we visited the other day.

Muffin and her family used to live in London and they used to come to our Hyde Park meets. Muffin’s a sproodle. They moved to Lugano late August and since we’re in the “hood” – we thought to drop in and visit an old friend.img_7525No matter how well they know each other, most dogs tend to territorial. So Muffin did not exactly give Darcy a very warm welcome. Muffin’s a real sweetheart so I know it wasn’t anything vicious. She just needed to know Darcy’s a friend. In the end they were at ease with each other.img_7522

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  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Switzerland, nothing prepares you for it’s awesome beauty!

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